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Panorama from the castle

Castle View

Gone Fishing

fishing matsuri inuyama

Goldfish scooping in Inuyama


Inuyama Castle view

 inuyama castle

Inuyama from inside the castle

Something of a reverse angle of today’s photo can be found here.

In the distance, on the right, you can see the top of a giant ferris wheel. This is part of Japan Monkey Park (日本モンキーパーク), an amusement park for little kids.

The barges in the river are loaded with fireworks in this photo. Later in the evening I experienced the show.


sleeping japanese baby festival kimono yukata

Castle fireworks

fireworks inuyama castle

fireworks @ Inuyama Castle

Two years ago today, this happened.

Genuine Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

hiroshima okonomiyaki inuyama fireworks


Sadly, I’ve never acquired a taste for okonomiyaki; that includes the real Hiroshima (本格広島) variety. Today’s photo was taken at a summer fireworks festival two years ago this month in Inuyama.