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ryoanji kyoyochi pond 鏡容池 maples

Kyoto’s Ryoanji’s Kyoyochi (鏡容池) obscured by Japanese Maples

Ryoanji is best known for having perhaps the world’s most famous Zen rock garden, but Ryoanji’s pond, if you can see it through all the maples, can be quite lovely as well.

Change of focus

shosenkyo hike japanese maples buddhist statue

Japanese maple trees in focus

Most people drive to near the top of Shosenkyo these days. If they don’t they usually take a bus. While the views near the top are great, there is a ton of beauty along the journey should you choose to hike instead.

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better so you get them both. I tried to focus stack these images, but my camera settings and perspective weren’t close enough in the originals for a decent result of having both the foreground and background in focus in a single composite image.

 shosenkyo hike japanese maples buddhist statue

Buddhist statue in focus

Kaede (楓) room @ Fudoin on Koyasan

fudoin room key kaede

Fudoin room key for the Maple Room (kaede or 楓)

My room on Koyasan was awesome. The views were fantastic (photos coming soon). I’m not sure what the other ones at Fudoin were like, but if you want to request one that is sure to be excellent, ask for the Kaede Room.

Fall colors during rainy season at Daishoin (大聖院)

Daisho-in Mount Misen 弥山 miyajima rain japanese maples

Rain @ Daisho-in on Miyajima

Daishoin is famous for its maple leaves in autumn. However, I thought they looked pretty good on a rainy day in June.

I have been to many temples all over Japan, but my experience at Daishoin may have been my favorite. Probably because of the rain, I was about the only person there so that may have had a lot to do with the wonderfulness. Kobo Daishi (弘法大師) founded the place so it was interesting to see Daishoin during the same summer in which I spent a night on Koya San.

Momijidani Park (紅葉谷公園)

stone lantern moss covered Momijidani Park 紅葉谷公園 miyajima japan

Moss-covered stone lantern surrounded by Japanese maples

Fall colors in January?

koyo autumn colors in january in tokyo

I have mentioned before how late autumn hits the Tokyo area. I’m used to fall colors in October. They don’t begin in Tokyo until November and don’t reach their peak until very late in the month or even early December.

I took today’s photo near the Imperial Palace (皇居) in January!