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Jeju is well known for its…

jeju tangerines

Jeju tangerines (South Korea)

#제주도 #편귤


In fact, earlier this month it was announced that Kim Jung-Un is going to visit Jeju after 200 tonnes of Jeju tangerines were sent to North Korea.

Grave Bling

kissing giraffes horses buddha statues jeju south korea stone builder headstones grave memorials

Jeju (South Korea) stone artist

Island life

Jeju 제주 airplane flying over lampposts

Airplane flying over lampposts (Jeju 제주, South Korea)

Planes were constantly buzzing overhead on the island of Jeju. However, whenever I was ready to take a photo of them up close there were none to be found. Later in the day I was up the road a bit so they weren’t as close, but the symmetry of these posts made this shot difficult to pass up.

Pig parts in Jeju (South Korea)

pig parts jeju south korea

I love bacon. I love a good pulled-pork sandwich. However, I don’t like to see where these items came from. I like to buy my bacon sliced and wrapped in a refrigerated section of a grocery store, not outside in a plastic basket (for who knows how long) on a hot and humid day with bugs swarming and smells so intense that your nostrils are singed. Marketing is a bit different depending on the culture I suppose.

Carp attack!

Jejumok-Gwana 제주목관아 carp pond 잉어 koi korea south fish republic

Jejumok-Gwana (제주목관아) Carp

I saw Hiroshima Carp earlier on this trip, but these were the first carp I saw in Korea. As I lowered my camera down toward the water they got really frisky.

Jeju (제주)

Jeju 제주 south korea republic hawaii

The Island of Jeju (제주)
I’m not sure the name of the small island off of Jeju, but it appears to be inhabited as well.

I could see why they call Jeju the Hawaii of Korea when I was in the air. On the ground the similarities disappeared, but perhaps if I had a car and could have seen some more remote locations outside of the city of Jeju the comparison would become more apparent. The weather wasn’t good either–overcast and rainy which is how it is much of the time I hear.

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