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Guardian Deities

jizo snake statue japan

Jizo and the hebi

This (2017) is not the year of the snake, or the horse, but this photo was my random, desktop image of the day. These guardian deities, and I’m guessing there were twelve, each had one of the zodiac animals with them. The blurry one to the far right probably had a sheep.

2017 is the year of the rooster. The next year of the snake will be 2025.

Rainy walk in Takayama

高山 takayama japan rain


Somewhere in Kamakura

jizo kamakura

Kamakura jizo

Daishoin (大聖院) Sponge Bob and Santa Pooh Bear

Daishoin 大聖院 buddha statue jizo sponge bob santa pooh bear spongebob squarepants

Jizo for kids on Miyajima

Are you ready kids?
“Aye Aye Captain!!”
I can’t hear you?!
Who lives on a jizo at Dai-sho-in?
“Sponge Bob Square Pants!”

And Santa Pooh Bear too!

Jizo at Sanpoji

little buddhist statues tokyo japan jizo

Another photo from Sanpoji in Shakujii in Western Tokyo today.

Six jizo

six jizo realms of existence oji tokyo ooji

Frequently when you encounter jizo (地蔵) you see them in groups of six, representing Buddhism’s six realms of existence. Today’s photo was taken in Tokyo’s Oji (王子). I’m not sure the exact location, but this photo has GPS information attached to it so it shouldn’t be difficult to find out.