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Autumn approaches

kenchoji kamakura thanksgiving

Kamakura’s Kenchoji on Thanksgiving (2009)

The last couple evenings I have detected the slightest hint of fall in the air. Things will be cooling down in Southern Oregon very soon. For Japan it takes a bit longer.

Kenchoji (建長寺)

kamakura japan lantern temple kenchoji

Kenchoji (建長寺)

Mt. Fuji (sort of)

mt fuji view spot kamakura

Underneath this photo/sign of Mt. Fuji it says, “On a day with good weather, this is what Mt. Fuji looks like.” The reason for such a sign is that 95%+ of the time, you can’t see Mt. Fuji from this location. Mt. Fuji is usually covered in clouds. Even when it isn’t, there is usually enough haze and humidity in the air that you can’t see Mt. Fuji from Kamakura. To improve your odds, arrive at this location just before the sun sets and you may be able to see the haze magically dissipate before your eyes and the sun set majestically behind Mt. Fuji.

Here is an earlier post of mine showing some disappointed females at this same location. That post also includes directions to finding this Mt. Fuji Viewing Platform (富士見台).

Kamakura Autumn

I know. It’s the wrong season for a picture like this, but my random desktop generator came up with this today, and you can’t argue with it. This is a scene from Kencho-Ji in Kamakura in late November.

In 1498 a giant tsunami washed away much of Kamakura, including the building that housed the giant Buddha. Since then the Daibutsu has remained in the open.

Having never visited Natori, or the other cities and towns completely wiped out by the recent tsunami, I imagined Kamakura, where I have been several times, when I saw the photos from the results of the Sendai quake and tsunami. The thought of a place like Kamakura getting hit by a tsunami large enough to reach the Daibutsu is chilling to my core.

Fuji viewing platform (富士見台), or not

The sign says this is the place to stand to see Mt. Fuji (fujimidai). The photo to the right of these females show you what Fuji San looks like from here on the best of days. These Japanese ladies are trying with all their might to get a glimpse, but Mt. Fuji would not show its hidden face on this day.

If you want to try your luck, head to Kamakura and follow the path behind Kenchoji (建長寺) to Hansobo (半僧坊) to find this location. Your odds of seeing Mt. Fuji are much better at sunrise or sunset. Winter will also increase your chances as the humidity isn’t usually as bad.

Hansobo in Kenchoji

My random wallpaper today was this one–Hansobo (半僧坊) in Kenchoji (建長寺) in Kamakura (鎌倉).