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Marble Church from Kobenhavns Havn

I’ll be back in Copenhagen in less than four months. Today’s photo comes from a picnic we had on a boat a couple summers ago. The weather was supreme.


FCK soccer goal

Rasmus Falk scores a goal for F.C. Kobenhavn

This past summer I went to my third professional soccer match. All three were in Copenhagen. All three were blowouts in favor of the home team. All three were at a mostly empty Parken Stadium.

I don’t really understand how European soccer works, but F.C. Copenhagen won the Danish Superliga and the Danish Cup in the prior year and the Danish Superliga again before I saw this game. Maybe those games are better attended.

By the time I’m in Denmark in the middle of summer things have moved on to the UEFA Europa League, in which FCK dominates in the early rounds and gets crushed in later rounds. I’m only there for the early rounds. On this night, FCK beat the Crusaders F.C. (Belfast, Ireland) 6-0.

Meanwhile in Copenhagen


All things move in order in the city.

View from Copenhagen City Hall Clock Tower

 Københavns Rådhus Scandic Palace Hotel Copenhagen city center aerial view nikon d7000 18-200mm vr II

Aerial view of Copenhagen, Denmark

My random, desktop image of the day was this one–a photo I took from the clock tower at the top of Copenhagen City Hall. The prominent building nearby is the Scandic Palace Hotel.

Congratulations on being an American today!

On the Fourth of July we went to Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world dating back 165 years. It brought back Independence Day memories from when I was a kid as we went to the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, California on the 4th a few times when I was young.

Tivoli Gardens Chinese Pagoda

My wife was reminded that it was the 4th of July at the grocery store earlier in morning by the clerk. Then, when we were getting ready to board our first ride at Tivoli, Vintage Cars, the ride operator heard us say something in English and he says to us, “Congratulations on being an American today!” I thanked him for his well wishes. What does one say to others on the 4th of July? The Danes don’t know any more than I, but I enjoyed his attempt.

Copenhagen City Hall from inside Tivoli Gardens

Later in the day we ran into the same ride operator on a different ride. This time he was running the Hans Christian Andersen stories ride (The Flying Trunk). He didn’t remember us from earlier in the day but did take another stab at wishing us a happy 4th. This time he said, “Happy Birthday to America!” I had to smile.

I asked him if he had been to America. He said, “No.” He had been to Canada once though. He went to Montreal so he used his French there–not English. The language ability of these Scandinavians is amazing. Some of my students here can speak four or more languages.

mini viking ships ride Tivoli Gardens

Above is the family on the Galley Ships–a ride in which the pirates in the middle fire on the viking ships spinning around them.

Tomorrow I’ll blog some more about Tivoli.

Assistants Cemetery

On our first walk around Copenhagen we went through the aforementioned Assistens Kirkegård cemetery where Niels Bohr and Hans Christian Andersen are laid to rest. This place is incredible. It has atmosphere and then some. There is a rich flavor to the entire cemetery. The greens are lush, the trees old, and the varieties endless.

assistants cemetery

Around one corner you may find a couple having a picnic. Around another you may find curious tombstones in a unique setup. Some gravestones have runes on them as well. I’m not sure if they are Viking, Anglo-Saxon, or, more likely, Younger Futhark or Rok.

Assistens Kirkegård

The only thing that disappointed was the graffiti. Niels Bohr’s tombstone is a mess on the backside (not pictured). You can see what Hans Christian Andersen’s currently looks like below.

Hans Christian Andersen

The graffiti relates to The People’s House Copenhagen located at Jagtvej 69. I don’t know all the details but apparently the government sold the building, and the new owners are going to demolish it against the wishes of many people.

Niels Bohr

This is the front of Niels Bohr’s gravestone. The graffiti on the backside contains several English curse words. I have no idea why.

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