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Today’s photo is of a non-famous angle of famous Kakuenbo in Shosenkyo. The famous vantage point is this one.

Hot summer night fare

yebisu beer 居酒屋おたやん甲府中央酒場 kofu

居酒屋おたやん甲府中央酒場 (Kofu, Japan)


takeda jinja shingen matsuri ricoh

Ricoh group at Shingen Ko Matsuri (信玄公祭り) 2010


shosenkyo sign

Should you ever stumble upon the above sign, be sure to look around as you will find yourself in one of the most spectacular natural scenes in the world.

昇仙峡 shosenkyo kofu yamanashi japan


Strangely, I was the only person there. Given the heat (humid and over 100 degrees), I wasn’t too surprised. I’m guessing this location is rather crowded on a weekend in spring or fall.

There is a picnic table next to the Arakawa River at this spot. Bring a bento, and enjoy the view.

Sunflower fisherman

sunflower fisherman shosenkyo

Shosenkyo Sunflower Fisherman (near Kofu, Japan)

Mt. Fuji from Kofu Castle

mt fuji kofu shingen festival


Today’s photo comes from the annual Shingen Festival in Kofu. Although Takeda Shingen lived and died before this castle was even built, it’s fun to hang out with all of the participants dressed in period garb at the remains and reconstructed portions of the castle, even if the eras are a bit off.

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