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Happy birthday, Christian Giesler!


@kreator #kreator

Copenhell drops 10 more names

Kreator @ Copenhell

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Copenhell added 10 bands to the 2019 lineup this morning. The bad news is no Behemoth or Death Angel. They still have about 10 more bands to announce though. Fingers crossed.

The good news is that I’ll be seeing Slægt, not once, not twice, but three times this summer! Slægt is also playing Metal Magic and Brutal Assault.

A few bands I never thought I’d see were also added including Glenn Hughes (doing an early Deep Purple set), Pretty Maids (a Danish band that my best friend in high school got me into more than 30 years ago with their “Future World” album), and Katatonia.

2019 Copenhell lineup running order schedule bands line up

2019 Copenhell lineup

Metal Monday

Speesy and Sami

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Copenhagen in 2019 appears to be taking shape once again; this will be four years in a row (and sixth summer in Scandinavia).

Kreator @ 2018 Copenhell

kreator copenhell

Mille Petrozza

@copenhell #copenhell2018 @kreator #kreator

I’ve been a fan of Kreator since the 1980s, and their live shows continue to get better. This one was spectacular. They should be headlining most of these festivals. In my next life I want to be Mille.

kreator copenhell

Kreator @ 2018 Copenhell

kreator copenhell

Christian Giesler

Mille Petrozza turns 47 today

Mille Petrozza kreator flag of hate

Mille Petrozza of Kreator raising the Flag of Hate

Kreator and Accept tomorrow night on Times Square

kreator accept best buy theater times square new york

Best Buy Theater marquee in Times Square for Kreator, Accept, Steve Vai, and Kansas

Today’s top photo I took this past summer in New York. Unfortunately, I will not be in New York tomorrow night to witness this event. But I did get to see Accept and Kreator (below) last summer.

Mille Petrozza Kreator

Mille Petrozza, Kreator

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