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Blue Hour Little Mermaid

Copenhagen's Little Mermaid under a full moon during the blue hour

@VisitCopenhagen #LittleMermaid #Copenhagen #Denmark

Flashback Friday to my neighborhood in Copenhagen last year. I really missed not being in the Inner City (Indre By) this year and hope to remedy that situation next year.

CBS library

Copenhagen Business School Library


The library photo on the Copenhagen Business School page has always bugged me for some, unknown reason. So this year I decided to try creating my own version.

Today we are celebrating the 20-year anniversary of the International Summer University Program (ISUP). I’ve been fortunate to participate in six of those years with a first time of 11 years ago.

Sleeping Louis

Sleeping Louis


I’ve been seeing photos of Thomas Dambo’s work online for a couple years now. This year, given that I’m living as far west of central Copenhagen as ever, seemed like a good year to venture out and see some of his Forgotten Giants in the wild. As of yesterday, I’m up to four. This is the first one I encountered, last month, entitled Sovende Louis.

New bridge opens for bikers and pedestrians in Copenhagen

Lille Langebro


I don’t follow the urban developments of Copenhagen so I’m always more than a little surprised to be riding along an old route and find new things, especially bridges in a city this old. Three years ago I was shocked to see a new bike/pedestrian bridge linking Nyhavn with the other side of the harbor. I’ve since crossed that bridge too many times to count.

This past Sunday I was out and about and noticed this bridge (Lille Langebro) about to open. Today I looked it up (July 2, 2019) to see when it is supposed to open, and it turns out it did open–today! The original schedule was for it to open in August. Imagine completing a construction project ahead of time. I haven’t experienced that in the USA.

The city didn’t even have to pay for Lille Langebro. The owner of the black building on the far left of today’s photo paid for the bridge. The bridge is a drawbridge, but not in the classical sense. As you can see, the parts don’t go up. Instead, they swing out to let larger ships through. The process takes just two minutes.

Happy Sunday

Grundvigs Kirke

I’ll be spending my sabbath in the church of nature somewhere in Iceland. May the churches be empty and the people enjoying themselves.

Flashback Friday

Pick a myth, any myth

Today’s photo comes from a stroll through Christiania eight years ago.

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