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Happy Sunday

Grundvigs Kirke

I’ll be spending my sabbath in the church of nature somewhere in Iceland. May the churches be empty and the people enjoying themselves.

Flashback Friday

Pick a myth, any myth

Today’s photo comes from a stroll through Christiania eight years ago.

Rosenborg Castle in the King’s Garden

Rosenborg Castle in the King's Garden (Copenhagen, Denmark)

More than 150 years before the USA existed, this place did. Does that mean that two weeks in my future I’ll be going back in time?

The Ugly Duckling

Progeny of the inspiration for Hans Christian Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling"

After a few nights in Iceland I will be arriving in Copenhagen four weeks from today.

Today’s photo comes from the land of Hans Christian Andersen. I almost ended up in a place this summer on Nyhavn, just a door or two down from his former abode. Alas, the person didn’t get back to me until after I’d booked the place I will be staying in. Maybe next year.

Departure for Europe in one month

St. Paul's Church

@GoVisitDenmark #visitdenmark @VisitCopenhagen #Copenhagen #Denmark #nyboder

I won’t arrive in Copenhagen until June 19 as I’m going to spend a few nights in a sleeper van in Iceland on my way in.

Today’s photo, from Copenhagen, is of my neighborhood last summer in Nyboder. Keeping with tradition, and my need for continuous adventure, I’m staying in a neighborhood I have never lived in before (bringing the total up to six). In 2019 I will be west of Copenhagen Business School for the first time. It won’t top Nyboder, what could?, but I will be close to my job, and I won’t have to spend a fortune on housing.

This is St. Paul’s Church (Sankt Pauls Kirke), AKA Nyboder’s Church. I spent many an evening strolling around, or just sitting on a bench admiring, it and the neighborhood, occasionally meeting and chatting with my Danish neighbors.

Copenhagen by night


#visitdenmark @VisitCopenhagen #Copenhagen #Denmark

44 more days until I’m back in my summer “home”.

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