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4/14/14 – 4/15/14 lunar eclipse sequence

full moon

pre-eclipse 10:10

beginning of lunar eclipse


lunar eclipse


blood moon eclipse april 15 2014


Yosemite’s Tunnel View with a full moon

photomerge yosemite tunnel view

Yosemite National Park under a full moon

Last month’s trip to Yosemite had us staying south of the the valley, which meant a different approach than the one I had always taken before from the San Francisco Bay Area. When you come in from the south you experience “tunnel view”–made famous by Ansel Adams. We happened to be leaving the valley to return to our lodgings just as a nearly full moon rose above the scene.

Okuma gazes at his auditorium through the darkness

Waseda University night full moon

Waseda University under a full moon

Tokyo sunset with crescent moon and Mt. Fuji

mount fuji sunset tokyo crescent moon 富士山 夕焼け 三日月

Mt. Fuji (富士山) is on the right of this photo in the distance. The building in the center with the tall smokestack is the Meguro Incinerator. One of these days I’ll have to tell you about the incinerator tour I went on in Japan.

Some Japanese vocabulary for those of you learning Japanese at the moment…

sunset = yuuyake = 夕焼け (literally: evening burn)
crescent moon = mikazuki = 三日月 (literally: three day moon)

As always, these photos look much better on a big screen after clicking on them. I have had several people ask about using my images. Here is the deal. All images can be used under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use only. What this means is you are free to use images from on your blog, Facebook, for fun, etc., but you must link to the page on this site that has the photo. If you don’t know that specific page, you can simply link to from the same page you include the photo. If you want to use a photo for any commercial use you must contact me before using the image and we can work something out. All images are copyrighted, even though I allow people to use them.

For each picture I post there are actually two images on the server. The one you see above is a small one. For the larger size (great for desktop backgrounds) click on the image first and then save the image that appears. I have even larger images available should you ever want to make a print.

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