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the old and the new

安全寺 mori tower old new

Tokyo, Japan

Taken from the Motoazabu (元麻布) area of Tokyo, that’s Mori Tower in the background.

Tokyo Tower lost in the shuffle

tokyo tower mori

Tokyo Tower (東京タワー) Mori Tower (六本木ヒルズ森タワー)

When the Tokyo Tower was built in 1958 I bet it dwarfed everything else in Tokyo. There probably weren’t many buildings at the time that were more than a few stories. All that has changed of course. Although it is still technically taller than the Mori Tower, the location of the Mori Tower is higher so from this angle the Tokyo Tower looks far shorter. Here’s a photo of the Tokyo Tower from Mori Tower.

Maman at night with holiday lights

maman mori tower christmas lights Louise Bourgeois

Today’s photo shows a different time of day and year compared to the recent post of the giant spider sculpture in Roppongi.

Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider sculpture in Roppongi

maman mori tower giant spider Louise Bourgeois

“Maman” by Louise Bourgeois next to the Mori Tower in Tokyo’s Roppongi

I believe there are eight Maman sculptures in the world. Tokyo has this one.

Items in this photo are not their actual size

seahorse mori roppongi tokyo japan

Mori Tower Sky Aquarium

I don’t think the Mori Tower Sky Aquarium is on the 52nd floor of this tallest of high rises in Roppongi any longer. However, a few years ago you could take photos like this in which a 1-inch tall seahorse could look much larger than the Tokyo skyscrapers in the background.

Interconnected bike sculpture

In the Mori Art Museum in late 2009 there was an exhibit called “Ai Weiwei: According to What?” Some of the works in the exhibit had an interconnected theme. This bike sculpture reminded me a bit of something by M.C. Escher.