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Malmö Museer (Malmo, Sweden Museum)

Malmö Museer

Malmö Museum exhibition of pig-headed humans

I had been through Malmö, Sweden a number of times on the train. Once I even went outside the train station, but it was raining so hard I couldn’t really see anything. With just a few days left in Scandinavia, and nothing else to do after several consecutive days of poor weather in Copenhagen, we decided to head over to Malmö with the hope that the weather would get a bit better. It didn’t.

What do you do when sightseeing in lousy weather? You go to museums. We went to Malmö Museer which is connected to the 15th Century Malmöhus Castle. Neither were spectacular in the rain, and I’m guessing they aren’t in good weather either.

Malmo Museum was the wackiest museum I’ve ever encountered. The exhibits are not in English; not that that would make much difference. The exhibits are seemingly random. Walk in one room to find natural history, the next is about a concentration camp, the next is an aquarium, and the next may very well be an art gallery featuring pig-headed humans. This place was absolutely bizarre, although I don’t think it intended to be such which made it rather sad.

Malmö Museer eco design

Malmö Museer "No Shit! Eco Design" exhibit

This was about the only sign in English, and it rather well sums up the craziness of the place.

Pondering Picasso

Japan - Tokyo - Ueno Park - National Museum of Western Art - Pablo Picasso - Couple

My random wallpaper today features me gazing at a Picasso that can be found at the National Museum of Western Art, a museum in Ueno Park that I visited in 1989 and then again in 2009 when this photo was taken.

Interconnected bike sculpture

In the Mori Art Museum in late 2009 there was an exhibit called “Ai Weiwei: According to What?” Some of the works in the exhibit had an interconnected theme. This bike sculpture reminded me a bit of something by M.C. Escher.

Sudden Shower Over Ohashi Bridge

one hundred views of edo

I never tire of looking at Hiroshige and Hokusai ukiyoe. The internet and books just don’t do justice to seeing them on display in a museum. Today’s photo is from the Tokyo National Museum. This is from Hiroshige’s “100 Famous Views of Edo” series. The English translation is a bit strange as they call it the Ohashi Bridge. Hashi already means bridge so it is like saying the name of the bridge is the big bridge bridge.

I crossed the Sumdia River many times. The ukiyoe that I tend to like the most are the ones I have been to.

Here is the Van Gogh the above mentions:

van gogh bridge rain hiroshige

I must say I like the original much better. Van Gogh’s kanji aren’t so hot either.

Suicidal Samurai Helmet

tokyo national museum ueno park

Today’s photo is from the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park.

I have two theories about this helmet. The first is that it wasn’t meant for battle. It must have merely been decorative. My other theory is that the guy who designed it secretly wanted the person who wore it to be killed rather quickly. Perhaps the designer thought the recipient had an ego as great as his stupidity (or death wish) and would wear such a thing in battle.

Tokyo National Museum Garden and Tea House

teahouse japanese

The Tokyo National Museum kills you on most days with this view of the lush garden and tea house they have out back. There are doors to go out and enter this wonderland, but they are locked except for a few days of the year during cherry blossom season and when fall foliage hits its peak. We were there on a rare cool day in summer. The rain had just stopped and the outdoors looked like the perfect place to be. Instead we were locked (it felt like trapped) inside.

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