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Santa Barbara’s State Street with Christmas lights

state street santa barbara christmas lights night

Holiday Lights on State Street @ night (Santa Barbara, California)

Miyajima’s 5-story pagoda (五重塔) at night in the rain

Senjokaku 千畳閣 5-story pagoda 五重塔 at night in rain

Roof of Senjokaku (千畳閣) on left
5-story pagoda (五重塔) at night in light rain

I intended to use my tripod a lot this past summer in Japan and Korea. However, it was a cheap tripod and a piece broke off in my luggage on the way over. I couldn’t fix it and ended up leaving it in Korea. I did still use it a few times as it still worked if I was very careful. Today’s photo was one such occasion. This image was a 30-second exposure.

Copenhagen’s blue hour

copenhagen summer night lake reflection blue hour

Amsterdam canal

amsterdam evening

Amsterdam evening

Approaching Kushida-jinja (櫛田神社) after dark

Kushida-jinja 櫛田神社 lanterns vending machine night

path to shrine lit by paper lanterns and a vending machine

Gwangju night view

night view from gwangju apartment

Night View from my residence (5F) in Gwangju, South Korea

I haven’t noticed this in any other country I have visited, but in Korea, when the sun goes down and the lights come on, you can’t find a view that doesn’t include at least one lit up cross. Sometimes you can see several. Usually they are red, but sometimes they are white or blue.

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