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Night on the Naka River

那珂川 fukuoka night river

Naka River (那珂川) – Fukuoka, Japan

I wanted to experience ramen at Fukuoka’s Yatai (屋台). However, it was raining so the Yatai didn’t set up their shops. I settled for some between-the-rain-drops photos instead. The interesting clouds (and rain) from today’s photo (and this prior one) is due to the influence of a typhoon or taifu (台風) that was lurking just below Japan.

Shinjuku night

shinjuku night

新宿センタービル and モード学園コクーンタワー from 東京都庁舎

Just after sunset at Laguna Beach

laguna beach sunset california

Laguna Beach blue hour

Maman at night with holiday lights

maman mori tower christmas lights Louise Bourgeois

Today’s photo shows a different time of day and year compared to the recent post of the giant spider sculpture in Roppongi.

Tokyo blue hour

tokyo night meguro shibuya shinjuku

Tokyo after dark

Today’s photo comes from Meguro in Tokyo. The glowing part of town to the right of center is Shibuya, and the Shinjuku skyscrapers can be seen farther to the right and in the distance.

The reflection in the bottom of the pic is from the ledge I set my camera on to take the long exposure.

Absalon statue and its surroundings after dark

absalon copenhagen night photography nikon d7000

Statue of Absalon – Copenhagen, Denmark

The tower in the distance to the right is from the Nikolaj Church, now an art museum and restaurant. The spire on the tower was donated by the founder of Carlsberg Brewery, Carl Jacobsen, in 1909. The “new” spire is identical to the original one, which was destroyed by fire, from the Renaissance period.

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