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Blue Hour BBC

Blue BBC

A few nights ago we were heading back to our AirBNB place (near the BT Tower) from Soho in London. We decided to go into the BBC. We were the only ones there and were able to watch a live newscast. There was also a great overview of the working area of the BBC employees. Really cool. And free!

An odd thing about London is everything is either free or really expensive. Museums, views, tours, etc. either cost you nothing or 20+ pounds. I can’t think of a single thing that was in the 1-10£ range (like most of the rest of the world).

Hiroshima after dark

hiroshima after dark sukiya gyudon tabehodai

Hiroshima Electric Railway (Hiroden or 広電)

Getting around Hiroshima isn’t difficult on the more than 100-year old electric bus system. They aren’t nearly as fast as Tokyo’s subway system, but Hiroshima isn’t nearly as large either.

The Sukiya (すき家) in the right of today’s photo is one of my favorite fast food joints in Japan. A bowl of gyudon (牛丼) for under $5 hits the spot every time.

Zakuro in Nippori

zakuro restaurant tas kebabi yanaka tokyo night

My random, desktop image of day is from my walk from Nippori Station to my hotel in Yanaka in the middle of the night. I’m not sure why I took this photo. Maybe I wanted to figure out what Tas Kebabi was later. Or maybe the thought of a king size kakigori caught my attention. I do remember it being very hot, even for the late hour.

Spokane’s Ruby2

ruby 2 spokane washington

Steam Plant from the Ruby2 Hotel (Spokane, Washington)

@SpokaneCity @RubyHospitality @The_SteamPlant

A hundred years ago Spokane’s iconic smoke stacks provided power to hundreds of buildings downtown. Now they are home to the Steam Plant Brewing Co. From our hotel room the colorfully lit symbols of days gone by were lovely.

Hiroshima’s ramen alley

hiroshima ramen seven lucky gods らーめん横丁 七福人 大豊

らーめん横丁 七福人 大豊

While looking for Koba, I stumbled upon this alley filled with ramen shops. I passed on them at the moment with the intent of going back if I couldn’t find Koba. However, I found Koba, ate there, and so ramen of the Seven Lucky Gods will have to wait for another trip.

Kofu’s Fancy Road

kofu shotengai night


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