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Japanese Sunflower Houses

himawari sunflowers kofu kai yamanashi japan night

himawari (ひまわり) houses

While riding my bike back from Kofu to the onsen I was staying at in Kai (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan) I came upon these houses in the dark. The street was somewhat busy for that time of night as it is the main thoroughfare (yamanotedoori or 山の手通り). I took a long exposure and let the headlights of the passing motorists light the scene for me.

Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) at night

kabukicho shinjuku tokyo japan night

Shinjuku (Tokyo, Japan) after dark


japanese fireworks festival hanabi taikai inuyama

Summer Japanese fireworks festival (Hanabi Taikai in Inuyama, Japan)

If you can’t read Japanese, what you can purchase at these temporary shops, set up just for this evening’s event, are buttered potatoes, cold pineapple, yakisoba, and “snowballs.”

Shibuya after dark

shibuya night 100 matsumoto kiyoshi drug store

Santa Barbara’s State Street with Christmas lights

state street santa barbara christmas lights night

Holiday Lights on State Street @ night (Santa Barbara, California)

Miyajima’s 5-story pagoda (五重塔) at night in the rain

Senjokaku 千畳閣 5-story pagoda 五重塔 at night in rain

Roof of Senjokaku (千畳閣) on left
5-story pagoda (五重塔) at night in light rain

I intended to use my tripod a lot this past summer in Japan and Korea. However, it was a cheap tripod and a piece broke off in my luggage on the way over. I couldn’t fix it and ended up leaving it in Korea. I did still use it a few times as it still worked if I was very careful. Today’s photo was one such occasion. This image was a 30-second exposure.

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