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Music under the Milky Way

milky way base kamp awesome repellent warsong spain punk

Shojoshinin on Koyasan

night walk koyasan 清浄心院


Some people make a day trip to Koyasan. Big mistake. Sure the temple lodgings aren’t cheap, but the temple lodging experience (shukubo or 宿坊) is fabulous and Koyasan transforms into a different kind of magical place when the sun goes down.

What a difference shooting in RAW can make!

jpg vs raw jpeg

jpg version

I was going through and deleting some photos from last summer when I came upon the photo above. I almost hit delete, but I was curious what the photo was even of so I decided to take a peek at the RAW file before deleting.

This was the same photo in RAW format:

RAW night walk koyasan okunoin

RAW version of same photo

At first I thought I had opened the wrong photo, but then I checked the file name and sure enough they were the same.

I took this while walking through the Okunoin Cemetery just after sunset. I didn’t have a tripod so I just set my camera on rocks or headstones to take long exposures. Obviously, this one @ 30 seconds wasn’t long enough for a jpg photo, but in RAW it almost looks properly exposed.

Umeda, Osaka after dark

umeda osaka ippudo matsuya hep five ferris wheel

HEP Five ferris wheel along with Ippudo (ramen) and Matsuya (gyudon) – Osaka, Japan

What better way to draw attention to your shopping center than to put a giant ferris wheel on top? Ferris wheels weren’t my destination on this evening. Nor were Ippudo or Matsuya (for once). Instead, I was heading to BAR MiDiAN. If you can’t find something of interest in this part of Osaka, well, let’s just say, you may not have any interests.

What to do?

天王寺駅 tennoji station exit osaka

Exiting Tennoji Station (Osaka, Japan)

Today’s photo was the scene as I departed 天王寺駅 on the night before I was to fly to Korea last summer. I had an early morning flight so I figured Tennoji was a good place to stay in order to get to the Osaka Airport (KIX) quickly the next morning.

With so many choices of things to do (3-story 24/7 McDonald’s, pachinko, love hotels, and on and on) I opted for none of these. Instead I found a Yoshinoya and enjoyed a 280 yen bowl of gyudon.

Japanese Sunflower Houses

himawari sunflowers kofu kai yamanashi japan night

himawari (ひまわり) houses

While riding my bike back from Kofu to the onsen I was staying at in Kai (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan) I came upon these houses in the dark. The street was somewhat busy for that time of night as it is the main thoroughfare (yamanotedoori or 山の手通り). I took a long exposure and let the headlights of the passing motorists light the scene for me.

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