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Björn Gelotte of In Flames

Björn Gelotte in flames medford armory gibson les paul guitar

Björn Gelotte

@InFlames_SWE My random image of the day was this one from a year and a half ago. I took this photo in Medford, Oregon. Hopefully I’ll get back to Gothenburg, Sweden to eat at Björn’s 2112 restaurant someday.

In Flames has a new album coming out in early September called “Siren Charms.” No word yet on a North American tour, but a stop in Southern Oregon will be appreciated.

Two years ago today this happened…

mastodon oakland fox theater

Mastodon @ Oakland’s Fox Theater (April 27, 2012)

Fog lifting over San Francisco

San Francisco from the bay fog lifting

San Francisco from the bay

Tokyo Sky Graffiti 1 by Mariko Ota

tokyo sky graffiti 1 mariko ota

Tokyo Sky Graffiti 1

I watched another fantastic Lucy Walker film the other night. “Waste Land” deals with a number of issues. One is how you can turn garbage into art or how one can see art in what others may only see as an eyesore.

Today’s photo, from the recent art gallery in the Stevenson Union Building on the Southern Oregon University campus, could fit in that category. I have frequently mentioned on this blog how distracting the power lines in Japan can be to otherwise interesting views. Ota turns those power lines into art with this work. I tried to do something similar with a photo from late last year in San Francisco.

Louise Bourgeois – The Nest

san francisco museum the nest louise bourgeois spider sculpture

SF MOMA – The Nest – Louise Bourgeois

12N_0925 louise bourgeois spider metal steel sculpture description san francisco museum art

I have seen similar (spider sculpture) works of Louise Bourgeois in Denmark and Japan, but today’s comes from San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art.

Opening day!

alcatraz baseball softball diamond the rock san francisco

Alcatraz Baseball Field

Today is one of my favorite days of the year and not because it’s April Fool’s Day. Opening day* of MLB means the dullness of winter is over, even if there are still some cold days to come.

Today’s photo is from our trip to San Francisco last Thanksgiving. Long before AT&T Park, or even Candlestick Park, there was this baseball diamond with a spectacular view of The City (if you had a vantage point to see over the wall). They played softball, rather than baseball, here on The Rock, and they even kept stats.

* I know there was a game yesterday, but most teams open today.

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