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Sycan Ranch


Aaron Turner of SUMAC @ 2016 Roskilde Festival

@SUMACband @SigeRecords @bbcbubblegutz #rf16

This is happening again in Eugene, Oregon (and elsewhere along the West Coast) this October.

I hate cars


#bikes #copenhagen #denmark

Ascalon @ 2016 Metal Brew

ascalon metal brew

Ascalon @ Metal Brew


I’m not going to make this year’s Metal Brew. Instead, I will be in Sweden for Gefle Metal Festival 2017. But if you happen to be in England this weekend, Metal Brew is tons of fun. This year’s headliner is Grim Reaper.

Kanelsnegles make me happy

kanelsnegle copenhagen cinnamon roll

Copenhagen kanelsnegle (cinnamon roll)

Everyone in the USA knows what a danish is, but until you go to Denmark you’ll never really have one. In Denmark a danish (and there are about eight different ones) melt in your mouth; they aren’t bread covered in sugar and icing. I feel a little sick after eating a danish in the USA, but in Denmark I feel good after. Anyway, a trip to Denmark is worth it for this reason alone.

Krøyers Plads

Krøyers Plads copenhagen water swimming

Building between Krøyers Plads and Noma

I’m not sure if this building is technically part of Krøyers Plads or not, but in any event this is a really cool neighborhood–and not just because you can jump in the water on a hot day. Much of this area of Copenhagen (Christianshavn actually) has been built in the past few years, including the bridge from Nyhavn.

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