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Happy birthday, Tony Iommi!

black sabbath copenhell

Black Sabbath @ 2016 Copenhell

@BlackSabbath @COPENHELL @tonyiommi #BlackSabbath #Copenhell #TonyIommi

Blind Guardian @ 2016 Copenhell

Hansi Kürsch blind guardian copenhell

Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian

@blind_guardian @WizardsDemons #copenhell2016 @COPENHELL #copenhell #copenhell2019

I have no memory of having seen Blind Guardian less than three years ago. I blame that on my jet lag and their early afternoon slot–not their performance. Also, Alice Cooper played later in the day, and I rode home on a bike in a lightning storm so those factors may have laid waste to most of my memories from earlier in the day.

The good news is that Demons & Wizards, also featuring Hansi Kursch, will be at 2019 Copenhell so I’ll be able to see him again, for the first time.

 blind guardian copenhell setlist

Blind Guardian setlist

International hit

I ♥ 'Mormon'

#BookofMormon @BookofMormon #london

After grossing more than half a billion dollars in the USA, the Book of Mormon has gone on to be a hit overseas as well. Today’s photo comes from 2016 in London. Last year I saw ads for the musical all over Copenhagen.

Kew Palace

Kew Palace (AKA Dutch House)

@kewgardens #kewpalace #dutchhouse #queensgarden

This place (photo from 2016) in Kew Gardens, also known as the Dutch House, dates back to the early 17th Century. The garden in back is known as the Queen’s Garden. The oil portrait, below, is of the same location (but from the front instead of from the rear garden) and dates to 1733.

Sedona panorama

Chapel Trail panorama

#sedona #arizona #landscape #ChapelTrail

Happy birthday, Sumner Houston!


@BeaverFootball ‏#GoBeavs

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