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Peaceful place



Osaka Castle


厳島神社 itsukushima jinja miyajima lantern

Itsukushima Jinja

Carp fans

hiroshima carp fans

応援団 for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp (広島東洋カープ)

If you ever go to a baseball game in Japan, you want to sit in the oendan (応援団). This is the cheering section, and it’s way more fun than anywhere else, even though they are the farthest from home plate. These are the cheap seats but also the fun seats.

On this hot and humid day in Hiroshima the cheap seats were sold out so I was forced to buy a seat near third base. The views were better, but the best part was that the kind, little, old Japanese lady next to me used her fan on me the entire game like I was her son or something.

Holy water @ Kushida Jinja

fukuoka crane well

霊泉 鶴の井戸(櫛田神社)

At the well of the crane in Fukuoka you can partake from the holy springs on the grounds of Kushida Shrine. The sign says that your first drink will give you perpetual youth, your second drink will give your family perpetual youth, and your third drink will give your friends perpetual youth. I don’t remember if I pertook, but if I did, it hasn’t worked.

Saddle Road Sunset

hawaii big island sunset

Big Island (Hawaii) sunset

On our way back from Hilo to the west shore we were treated to a stellar sunset as we headed up and over the Saddle Road on Hawaii’s Big Island a few summers ago.

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