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View from train window on Flam Railway Line

flam railway line waterfall

Flam Railway Line

Shortly after taking this photo I took today’s photo as the train plunged down to the fjord below.

Undredal in Aurlandsfjord

norway in a nutshell Undredal Aurlandsfjord

Undredal, Norway in Aurlandsfjord (part of Norway in a Nutshell)


Myrdal norway in a nutshell train station

Myrdal, Norway

I don’t think Myrdal is an actual town. Instead, it’s a place to change trains from the Bergen-Oslo Line to the Flam Railway Line which takes people down from this location to the fjords. I’m guessing most places people go to merely to change trains aren’t quite this beautiful.

Bus ride out of the fjord

Fjord Bergen

If you do the Norway in a Nutshell journey, don’t think that the bus ride between Gudvangen and Voss will be a good time to take a nap because there won’t be much to see. The views are as good from the bus (see above) as they are from the train, boat, and Flåm Railway.

Bergen, Norway

Fløyen bergen norway

Bergen from Fløyen

On one of the rare days in which it isn’t raining in Bergen, the place is absolutely beautiful. With average rainfall approaching 100 inches per year (for reference for those of you, like me, who live in the Pacific Northwest, that’s more than Portland and Seattle combined!), a view like this isn’t frequently possible. I hope to visit Bergen again someday.

Norway’s fjords

norway fjord nutshell

Norway’s Nærøyfjord

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from my trip to Norway a couple years ago.

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