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The typical shot of Nyhavn has been done a billion times. And why not? It’s a pretty one. But I’ve done that photo several times over so I went for something a little different here with this 6-photo photomerge. The tourists were numerous on this day so I had to a wait a while to get a foreground that was this free of walking people.

Copenhagen evening

copenhagen after dark nyhavn

Nyhavn after dark (Copenhagen, Denmark)


nyhavn copenhagen denmark

Nyhavn after dark

night photography nyhavn denmark copenhagen after dark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark - July 2011

Kayaking in Nyhavn

nyhavn kayaking

Kayakers head down Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark

About this time of year I really miss summer.

Nyhavn at midnight

copenhagen nyhavn evening after dark

Nyhavn after dark

It’s difficult doing night photography in the summer in Scandinavia. 9 p.m. is still pre-sunset, and 10 p.m. – 11 p.m. is sunset time. To get any kind of darkness you have to wait until midnight.

Today’s photo features Copenhagen’s famous Nyhavn. I didn’t plan to be here at midnight, but I ended up here on the way home from a dinner party so I decided to pull out my camera anyway. I used my 18-200mm lens, which isn’t the best for this kind of photography, because my other lenses were not with me at the time.

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