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Old stomping grounds

Aerial view of Oakland


Today’s photo comes from 2017, when we were on our way to Hawaii via San Francisco. However, it’s a photo of territory I frequented far more often in my earlier years.

You can see the Oakland Coliseum, my home away from home during my first 19 years of life, in the very center of this photograph. The “island” in front of Oakland (now actually attached to Oakland, yet part of Alameda, thanks to landfill) is Bay Farm Island, and the San Leandro Bay is the water between the two. We used to drive up Doolittle Drive on Christmas Eve every year to eat at Alameda’s Acapulco restaurant. I also rode my bike up Doolittle to the stadium sometimes. My house was a few miles to the right of this photo.

You can also see some of the runways for the Oakland Airport in this photo. Fun fact: the Oakland Airport was the first airport in the continental U.S. to offer flights to Hawaii. My first flight to Hawaii was from Oakland, but my flight on this day was out of SFO.

Rickey Henderson Field

oakland coliseum jackson henderson eck


My A’s are set to rename their field and open their season tonight in Oakland. I won’t be there, but I do hope to get down there to see a game soon.

Opening Day

adam rosales oakland as

Adam Rosales of the Oakland A’s

@Athletics @arosie7

It’s my favorite day of the year. My A’s don’t open until tomorrow, but my fantasy team (with Evan Longoria, who hit a home run today) is doing alright.

2015 MLB

Derek norris oakland a's

Derek Norris formerly of the Oakland A’s


In one month and one day (4/5/15) the 2015 regular season for Major League Baseball will begin. I’m not as excited as I was last year. I really loved the A’s team for the first half of 2014, before Billy Beane got greedy and thought trading away the future and favorites like Yoenis C├ęspedes would make the A’s better for the stretch run of 2014. It didn’t; in fact it made the team much worse. Then, in the off season, he got rid of much of what was left so we no longer have Norris, Brandon Moss, or Josh Donaldson. Hopefully 2015 isn’t a complete disaster for my A’s.

Still alive despite playing dead for a while

stomper oakland a's athletics mascot elephant

Stomper @ an Oakland A’s game

@Athletics @CSNAthletics @BSmile

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Such has been the A’s season. They had the best record in baseball for much of the season, but they have had nearly the worst record in baseball for the past 45 days or so. They seem to be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in most of their recent contests.

But they still have hope on this final day of the season. A victory, or a loss by the Mariners, will get them a wild card spot. If they lose and the Mariners win then they will have a 163 game season before the playoffs begin, with or without them.

The only thing that is known is the A’s will not have home field advantage in any of these series unless they make it to the World Series.

Today would be a good day to begin a 13 game winning streak.

Let’s go A’s!

Happy Birthday, Josh Reddick!

reddick a's athletics

Josh Reddick Oakland A’s

May your 2014 season be more like your 2012 season than your 2013 season. Actually, let’s hope for a 2014 season even better than 2012. How about a .280 average and 70+ walks to go along with 30+ homers?