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A’s win again

Inevitable out

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Today’s photo obviously isn’t from today’s game. This is from 2012, another season in which the A’s had the fourth best record in baseball and a payroll not in the top 28. They are currently 70-48 with a payroll under $80 million. Compare that to, say, the 59-60 Giants and their $207 million payroll or the team they beat today, the 59-60 Angels, and their $173 million payroll.

Two days until opening day

Oakland Coliseum

My random, desktop image of the day happened to be this one. Perfect timing.

This image gives me hope that I’ve learned something along the way with photography. I took this six years ago, and it would have come out much better today. What was I thinking using settings like f/22 and 1/13 for shutter speed?

Rickey Henderson Field

oakland coliseum jackson henderson eck


My A’s are set to rename their field and open their season tonight in Oakland. I won’t be there, but I do hope to get down there to see a game soon.

Opening Day

adam rosales oakland as

Adam Rosales of the Oakland A’s

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It’s my favorite day of the year. My A’s don’t open until tomorrow, but my fantasy team (with Evan Longoria, who hit a home run today) is doing alright.

Bert Campaneris of the Oakland A’s

bert campy campaneris oakland a's san francisco airport

Bert “Campy” Campaneris Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame plaque in SFO

Today’s photo comes from a trip that had me passing though the San Francisco Airport in 2014. Campy was a legend in my 7 and 8-year old mind. With all of the Cuban baseball talk of late, and President Obama’s current trip to Cuba, I thought today’s photo was timely.

2016 MLB begins in two weeks

oakland athletics mike gallego a's

Mike Gallego is no longer with the A’s

Two weeks until opening day. Hopefully the A’s do better this year. Last year they fired Gallego in August, the third base coach at the time, after he sent in a bunch of runners who got thrown out at the plate.