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Very close to Osaka Castle is where I found the ramen shop featured in today’s photo. All of the employees, and most of the customers, were female–odd for a ramen restaurant in Japan.

Tennoji pub crawl

tennoji red light district akachochin yakiniku

Izakaya (居酒屋) alley near Tennoji Station (天王寺駅)

Urban Osaka


Osaka from the Osaka Castle

豊國神社 (大阪市)

鳥居 Toyotomi Hideyoshi osaka castle toyokuni shrine jinja

Hideyoshi Toyotomi Statue @ Osaka Castle’s Hokoku Shrine

Hideyoshi Toyotomi began construction of Osaka Castle in 1583. Construction was completed just prior to his death. His family (the Toyotomi clan) held the area until Tokugawa took over in 1615 and the Edo Period began. The Hokoku Shrine was built in his honor on the Osaka Castle grounds late in the 19th Century.

Osaka Sunset

post storm osaka

Post-storm Osaka

The best skies are those at dawn, dusk, or during changing weather. Today’s photo, from the Umeda Sky Building, featured two of those three.

Osaka Bridges

NTT西日本 淀川ビル yodo river osaka bridges

Bridges over the Yodogawa (淀川)

Today’s photo is my random, desktop image of the day. I started looking at it in more detail and came to a strange discovery.

The three bridges on the right are obviously train bridges, the Hankyu Kobe (阪急神戸本線) and Hankyu Kyoto Lines (阪急京都本線) to be exact. In between is an automobile bridge, part of National Route 176 (国道176号). But the bridge on the left was a mystery. Nothing is on it. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be a road at all. Upon closer inspection I could see that it merely connects the two buildings on either side of the river. I dug deeper and discovered that the building on the other side of the river is an NTT building (NTT西日本淀川ビル). So I’m guessing that inside this bridge are a bunch of cables for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone.

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