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Osaka Castle gate

aoyamon gate osaka castle

Aoyamon (Osaka Castle Gate, Japan)

This week a group of American football players from Osaka, Japan descended on my current hometown of Ashland, Oregon. On Friday they will play a football game against the local high school team. Anyway, two of the players were over my house today. I thought they would be from Osaka, but neither were. One was from Kobe and other from Shiga. To (sort of) commemorate their visit, today’s photos are from Osaka, between Kobe and Shiga.

aoyamon gate osaka castle

Aoyamon sign

Umeda Sky Building

umeda sky building


A reverse angle from this prior shot.

Osaka nightscape

osaka nightscape

Osaka after dark

My random, desktop image of the day is this one from the top of the Umeda Sky Building. This place offers night views for a fee, but you’ll be better off going up with a lover than a camera as most of the views are partially obscured by fencing (as you can see in the bottom of this photo if you look closely) or building parts.


grand front panasonic center osaka from Hotel Landmark Umeda

Grand Front Osaka (グランフロント大阪 – Panasonic Center) from Hotel Landmark Umeda room

@GFOsaka @landmarkumeda

I mentioned before how if you visit Koyasan, and you really should, that leaving most of your luggage at your hotel in Osaka is your best bet to maximizing your enjoyment to and from Koyasan. My wonderful, and inexpensive, hotel in Osaka was Hotel Landmark Umeda (ホテルランドマーク梅田). Close to Osaka Station and the nightlife of Umeda, this place will let you leave your luggage there if you are staying the night before and the night after your stay on Koyasan.


umeda sky building 梅田スカイビル osaka

Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル – Osaka, Japan)

approaching Osaka Castle


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