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Gustav Vigeland’s birthday

Gustav Vigeland sculpture frogner park parken

Gustav Vigeland sculpture in Frogner Park

Born on this day 145 years ago (April 11, 1869), Gustav Vigeland created the numerous sculptures that can be found in Oslo’s wonderful Frognerparken.

Vintage gas station at Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

Norsk Folkemuseum Norwegian Museum of Cultural History gas station vw bug

Gas station relocated from outside Wessels gate 15 to Norsk Folkemuseum

My random photo of the day was this pic. This gas station and VW Beetle don’t look that old to me, but perhaps they look ancient to a younger generation. Actually, this was one of the newer items at Norsk Folkemuseum. Most structures in this open-air museum were much more than 100-years old. There is also a Stave Church at Norsk Folkemuseum which I need to post a photo of soon.

Me at Holmenkollbakken

Holmenkollbakken al oslo norway ski jump

Al @ Holmenkollbakken (Oslo, Norway’s ski jump)

It’s fairly rare that I appear in a photograph. Usually I’m the one on the other side of the camera. However, when I was (alone) at the top of the Oslo Ski Jump two summers ago a couple came up the elevator and asked me to take their photo. I did, and then they insisted that they take mine as well. This was the result.

Holmenkollen Park Hotel

Holmenkollen Park Hotel  oslo norway

Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica – Oslo, Norway

I’d like to stay at this place someday. Located near the ski jump in Oslo, when I last visited in 2011 the Oslo Metro was being extended to this part of the city. Perhaps it is done now.

This building has a rich history. Initially a sanatorium in the 19th Century, the Germans occupied the place during World War 2. I love the dragestil (dragon style) architecture. It reminds me of a colorful Stave Church.

Oslo from Holmenkollbakken

oslo norway panorama nikon d7000 18-200mm vr ii lens

Frogner Park

Frognerparken Fontenen

Frogner Park (Frognerparken) is one of the most interesting parks I have ever visited. Luckily I’ve had the chance twice. The first time this view wasn’t as nice as the church in the background was undergoing repairs and was covered in scaffolding. Three years later (last summer) the scene looked better. Little did anyone know at the time, less than a week later lovely and peaceful Oslo would turn into chaos with the terrorist attacks launched by Anders Behring Breivik.

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