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Another view of Kahauloa Cove

Kahauloa Cove

Laguna Beach Sunset

laguna beach sunset shaws cove

Different angle on Kahauloa Cove

oahu hawaii

Kahauloa Cove

I think the land mass in the distance is Moloka‘i.

Four months ago

World's largest bird bath

Bandon sunset

Bandon sunset

Sayulita after sunset (before and after processing)

The above photo is the .jpg file straight out of the camera, but that isn’t really what the scene looked like in person. For the more accurate photograph some processing of the RAW file was required.

The below image is after a couple minutes of processing with Photoshop Adobe CC and Topaz AI DeNoise.

If you click on the images to get to their full sizes you’ll be able to see the differences better.

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