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Ninnaji’s 5-story pagoda

five story pagoda ninanji kyoto japan

five-story pagoda 仁和寺五重塔 in Kyoto, Japan

five story pagoda ninanji kyoto japan description history wiki

Tochoji pagoda (東長寺 五重塔)

fukuoka tochoji pagoda

Fukuoka’s five-story pagoda

I’m still in Mexico, but here is a photo from Japan for you. Tomorrow I have a 7-hour layover in LAX so I will process some more photos of Mexico for next week during that time.

Miyajima’s 5-story pagoda (五重塔) at night in the rain

Senjokaku 千畳閣 5-story pagoda 五重塔 at night in rain

Roof of Senjokaku (千畳閣) on left
5-story pagoda (五重塔) at night in light rain

I intended to use my tripod a lot this past summer in Japan and Korea. However, it was a cheap tripod and a piece broke off in my luggage on the way over. I couldn’t fix it and ended up leaving it in Korea. I did still use it a few times as it still worked if I was very careful. Today’s photo was one such occasion. This image was a 30-second exposure.

View from room on Miyajima

 岩惣 view from miyajima room iwaso

View from room 515 @ Iwaso (岩惣)
Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan

Japanese Pagoda

pagoda ishikawa kanazawa buddhist japan

My random desktop image of the day is a photo I did not take. Ryan took this when he was being toured around by Maki San. Does anyone know where this is? The location is probably within 100 kilometers of Kanazawa if that helps.

Four Seasons

four seasons autumn chinzanso tokyo japan

Four Seasons Hotel during autumn – Chinzanso -Tokyo, Japan

Not every Four Seasons Hotel property can display the four seasons literally like the one at Chinzanso (椿山荘) in Tokyo.