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Enjoying the show

tokyoite bon o dori old man smile

What show was this old Tokyoite smiling about? This one.

Oregon Ducks Cheerleader

Ashlyn Shebelut university oregon ducks cheerleader

@ashlynsheb @OregonCheer

After a rough start to their 2015 season (losing 3 of their first 6 games), the Ducks finished strong with 6 straight wins, including victories over Arizona State, USC, and Stanford. A win against TCU in the Alamo Bowl could actually see them crack the Top 10 for the first time since week 2.

My Duck comes home for winter break today. We will be in Mexico in less than a week.

Strolling around the Temple of the Golden Pavilion

kimono clad ladies japanese japan kyoto kinkakuji golden pavilion temple

金閣寺の観光客 (Kyoto, Japan)

Staying in business

shinto miyajima

Miyajima priest

The key to maintaining a business for a long time, especially this one which has been going on for hundreds of years, is to extract cash for services rendered. I’m not sure how much this lady had to pay for individual treatment from the priest. However, it’s well documented that Katsu Kaishu (勝海舟), in trying to give his famous peace sword to Itsukushima Shrine (厳島神社), was denied the privilege. Instead, he had to pay them to take it. I wonder if they still have it, or if they sold it to someone else.

Genuine Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

hiroshima okonomiyaki inuyama fireworks


Sadly, I’ve never acquired a taste for okonomiyaki; that includes the real Hiroshima (本格広島) variety. Today’s photo was taken at a summer fireworks festival two years ago this month in Inuyama.

Setsubun @ Rinnoji

setsubun rinnoji nikko

Nikko, Japan

Wrong season for today’s photo as Setsubun is in February, but it was my random, desktop image of the day.

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