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Chapel Trail

10-photo photomerge from Chapel Trail

On Sunday morning, January 1, 2017 we decided to go to church. We dropped Ellie off at the “Church of the Rowing Machine” for her daily, 2-hour ergathon. We headed to the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona. The chapel itself is way overrated, although the views from there are as spectacular as dozens of other locations in Sedona. On our way away from the crowds, back down the hill, we noticed a sign for “Chapel Trail” on the other side of a small fence/gate. We had another hour to kill before picking up Ellie so we went through the gate even though it had an odd sign on it that seemed to indicate that this was not the trail head. The gate was unlocked and the sign said something about being closed 5 p.m. – 8 a.m. so we figured the trail was closed at night.

Wow! What a trail! The conditions were perfect as it had rained the night before and sun occasionally broke through. The rain really brought out the colors in the rock. No one was on this most beautiful trail. That seemed odd given the hundreds of people bumping into each other at the nearby chapel.

Today’s photo is of “The Nuns”. The scene was stunning, but I didn’t have my wide angle lens with me. So this photo is actually a composite of 10 photos. I took five vertical photos across the top, five vertical photos across the bottom, and then photomerged them into this final product. I had never done a photomerge of two rows of photos before. It will be my new go-to method when I need to capture more of a scene than my lens can handle. The only downside is the rock formation looks farther away from the viewer than reality. In real life The Nuns were right in my face.

Ultra-wide photo vs. photomerged panorama (part 2)

Several years ago I posted a comparison of a single, ultra-wide photo of Dodger Stadium with a photomerge of several photos of the same scene. Today’s post revisits that discussion on a full-frame DSLR. Above is a 7-photo photomerge (shot vertically at 16mm). Below is the ultra-wide shot at 14mm.

RAW vs jpeg in food photography

unedited jpeg straight out of the camera

unedited jpeg straight out of the camera

RAW jolene's sweets cake

edited RAW Jolene’s Sweets cake

Previously I only used the .jpg files from my camera. Then I began shooting in RAW for difficult lighting situations. Slowly I’ve come to the point where I only shoot in RAW. Perhaps today’s comparisons can give you an idea as to why.



RAW jolene's sweets cake

processed RAW


unedited jpeg

RAW jolene's sweets cake

processed RAW

Gwangju from one of Mt. Mudeungsan’s rock pillar peaks

focus stack Mudeungsan

Mount Mudeungsan’s rocky peaks

Mt. Mudeungsan (1,186 meters in height) features three rock peaks called Cheonwangbong, Jiwangbong, and Inwangbong. These peaks are also known as the “Jeongsang Three” and can be seen on all sorts of logos in Gwangju. I’m not sure which of the peaks I took today’s photo through this time last year, but it was one of my most memorable days in Korea.

What a difference shooting in RAW can make!

jpg vs raw jpeg

jpg version

I was going through and deleting some photos from last summer when I came upon the photo above. I almost hit delete, but I was curious what the photo was even of so I decided to take a peek at the RAW file before deleting.

This was the same photo in RAW format:

RAW night walk koyasan okunoin

RAW version of same photo

At first I thought I had opened the wrong photo, but then I checked the file name and sure enough they were the same.

I took this while walking through the Okunoin Cemetery just after sunset. I didn’t have a tripod so I just set my camera on rocks or headstones to take long exposures. Obviously, this one @ 30 seconds wasn’t long enough for a jpg photo, but in RAW it almost looks properly exposed.

Lansdowne Street panorama

photomerge panorama lansdowne street fenway park

Photomerge of Lansdowne Street from left field in Boston’s Fenway Park

Today begins the 2013 American League Division Series.

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