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Lansdowne Street panorama

photomerge panorama lansdowne street fenway park

Photomerge of Lansdowne Street from left field in Boston’s Fenway Park

Today begins the 2013 American League Division Series.

Panorama of San Francisco from Cityscape Bar and Restaurant on the 46th floor of the Hilton

san francisco panorama nikon d600 photomerge

Today’s photo didn’t require the breaking of any laws, but it was a bit sneaky how I came about it. In the Hilton Hotel to the west of Union Square I took the elevator to the 44th floor. During the day you can’t go to the 46th floor where the Cityscape Bar and Restaurant opens in the evening, and a special key is required for the 45th floor. From the 44th floor I walked up the stairs to Cityscape and found I was the only one there.

This panorama of San Francisco isn’t what you can see by looking out any one window. I took 5 photos looking out one side of the building and 6 more pics from a different side and then photomerged them all together to achieve this 200 degrees or so of panorama.

Tropfest New York 2012

bryant park blue hour nikon d7000 tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 new york city

While in New York we got tickets to Tropfest 2012 which is a short film festival held in Bryant Park. It turns out that we didn’t need tickets as by the time we arrived they were letting in anyone. Most of the shorts were rather humorous, but the winning film was a documentary about homeless people and others without regular jobs recycling to earn income. The director was from Portland, Oregon. Hugh Jackman was the MC for Tropfest in New York this year. Tropfest originated in Australia and Jackman is Australian.

How this photo was made: I used Photoshop’s photomerge feature to combine multiple photos into one image. I didn’t like the result as the building in the center was really distorted–and not in a fisheye kind of way. So I took the photomerged, rectangular image (after a crop), went into Adaptive Wide Angle (under Filter in CS6), and chose Panorama as the Correction. This action mostly fixed the weird looking building in the center and gave the overall picture more of a fisheye lens perspective.

West 120th Street, New York City

west 120th street new york city teacher's college whittier hall union theological seminary

On the north side of the Columbia University campus there is a nice view of W 120th Street from this perch. I photomerged a half dozen photos, taken just before a summer lightning storm, to come up with the above image.

On the far left is The Riverside Church. Moving right from there is Union Theological Seminary, then Teacher’s College directly across the street, and to the right is Whittier Hall.

Fenway Park panorama

loge box 157 159 155 view from seat fenway park boston red sox row bb

Wide angle view from Fenway Park, Loge Box 157, Row BB

Today’s photo is a photomerge of more than half a dozen photos taken from the seat I previously mentioned here. This would have been a great seat, had there not been people (fans, ushers, and vendors) walking in front of me constantly. There were very few pitches in which I could see both the pitcher and the batter and quite a few pitches in which I couldn’t see either.

It’s tough to tell, given the wide angle of the lens coupled with a photomerge in Photoshop of numerous pics, but David Ortiz is the batter against Ricky Romero. Big Papi hit his 399th career home run in this game as Romero was roughed up for just his second loss (eight victories) on the season.

King Street – San Francisco

king street san francisco att park california dusk

This 180 degree panorama is a photomerge from a series of 6 ultra wide angle images I took while looking over the edge from the top of AT&T Park. The street heading off to the left and to the right is really the same, straight street with no curve in the road. The distortion is due to the photomerge and the close distance I was to the street. You can’t see this view in real life without turning your head from side to side.

To the far left is the Pacific Ocean and to the far right is the San Francisco Bay. You can see a bit of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to the right, especially if you click on the image to make it bigger.

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