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Nijo Castle under storm clouds

nijojo nijo castle kyoto japan stormy skies


A few hours passed before these clouds unleashed their fury, but they did later in the day. I took refuge here.

Nijo Castle

nijo castle kyoto 二条城

Nijo Castle (Kyoto, Japan)


Kaiganji 海岸寺 tokyo japan

Kaiganji (海岸寺)

To find a place like this, and dwell there for an hour or so without seeing another soul, not far from the center of Tokyo, with 13+ million people within an hour of your location, is utter bliss.

Nijo Castle (二条城) under a humid sky

Nijo Castle 二条城

Nijo Castle (二条城) – Kyoto, Japan

Giant torii gate in Kamakura

kamakura giant torii gate

Ikegami Baien Teahouse

teahouse ikegami tokyo japan

A different angle on the grounds of Ikegami Baien (池上梅園) than I previously posted a photo for here. This neighborhood in Tokyo is a blast to the past.