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Waterfall Wednesday

latourell falls columbia river gorge

Latourell Falls on the Columbia River Gorge

RONE’s mural in PDX

RONE's "Every Rose has its Thorn" mural

#MuralArtsMonth #RONE #MuraloftheWeek #Portland #StreetArtPortland #StreetArtChat

I love a good mural. They can look great in person but somewhat uninteresting in photos in my opinion. Therefore, I don’t tend to post my photos of murals. However, this one (corner of SW 12th and Washington in Portland, Oregon) is exceedingly cool for a few minutes each sunny day when the light hits it just right.

One month to go…

Chelsea Wolfe & Russian Circles in Portland, Oregon

@sargenthouse @CCHELSEAWWOLFE @CrystalPortland @RussianCircles

I’m seriously looking forward to this.

Portland blossoms


I saw these beauties today in Portland, Oregon at OHSU.

Oaks Pioneer Church


Oaks Pioneer Church (Portland, Oregon)

Oaks Pioneer Church was built in 1851. In 1960 the old church had fallen into disuse and was scheduled for demolition. Funds were raised to keep the church from destruction, and in 1961 the church was shipped to its current location at the edge of Sellwood Park next to the Willamette River. Oaks Pioneer Church is now listed as a Portland Historical Landmark and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. Weddings are performed here.

I stumbled upon this place on my way to the Gorge for the Dave Matthews Band Labor Day Weekend festivities. I had never been to Sellwood before, even though I’ve been to Portland many times. Great neighborhood.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

We spent Saturday night, on our way from Walla Walla back to Ashland, in The Dalles. We woke up to a glorious view of the Columbia River. The mountains on either side of the gorge were dusted in snow and cool-looking clouds were flying by in between mostly blue skies. As we drove west on Highway 84 rainbows kept appearing ahead of us in the water of the already spectacular scene. We didn’t stop to get photos as there wasn’t any place safe to stop until we got to Multnomah Falls where today’s photo comes from.

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