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Portland’s Pine Street

portland oregon

Happy birthday, Chelsea Wolfe!

crystal ballroom chelsea wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe @ the Crystal Ballroom (Portland, Oregon — September 2018)

@sargenthouse @CCHELSEAWWOLFE @CrystalPortland

Russian Circles

Russian Circles

@sargenthouse @CrystalPortland @RussianCircles #RussianCircles

2020 may be the first year since moving to Oregon 20 years ago that I haven’t made a single trip to Portland.

Today’s photo comes from the Crystal Ballroom in 2018.

Nine years ago…

Horsetail Falls – Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


tragedy punk band pdx

Billy Davis of Tragedy @ Roseland Theater (2013)

My random, desktop image of the day comes from almost seven years ago, a night in which I drove five hours–each way–to see Tragedy be one of three openers for Neurosis.

Two years ago…

Chelsea Wolfe @ Crystal Ballroom

@sargenthouse @CCHELSEAWWOLFE @CrystalPortland