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Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

We spent Saturday night, on our way from Walla Walla back to Ashland, in The Dalles. We woke up to a glorious view of the Columbia River. The mountains on either side of the gorge were dusted in snow and cool-looking clouds were flying by in between mostly blue skies. As we drove west on Highway 84 rainbows kept appearing ahead of us in the water of the already spectacular scene. We didn’t stop to get photos as there wasn’t any place safe to stop until we got to Multnomah Falls where today’s photo comes from.

A year ago…

forest park portland oregon

Forest Park (Portland, Oregon)

…this happened.

Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion Portland Oregon

Pittock Mansion (Portland, Oregon)

After walking what was advertised to be a two-hour trail in Hoyt Arboretum (and actually took about 20 minutes), we headed over to Pittock Mansion for the view.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls columbia river gorge

Multnomah Falls (Oregon)

We’ve been in Portland for a little over a day now. Today’s photo comes from earlier today–not something I can usually say about photos I post here.

Ramen in Portland

mirakutei portland oregon ramen

Mirakutei ramen in Portland, Oregon

Whenever we visit a “big city” these days we try to find the best ramen they offer. Ten years ago such a thing would be impossible in the USA, but there are now decent ramen shops in some places. Portland is one of them. This time we tried Mirakutei (味楽亭). The waitresses were all Japanese. The cooks were Mexican, but the ramen was still authentic.

Three of us had the, above pictured, Tonkotsu Ramen. One other went with the Original. Everyone was satisfied. The Original is your more typical Japanese ramen. The Tonkotsu is subtle but still wonderful.

Mirakutei is east of the river on Burnside.

Portland panorama

panorama photomerge portland pittock mansion

Photomerged panorama of Portland, Oregon from the Pittock Mansion

Portland was clear and cold during the 2+ days we were there this past weekend. Even though I’ve been to Portland many times, this was the first time I can remember Mt. Hood being visible (although I have seen Mt. Hood from the air and from Salem before). I did a quick Google search on “Portland’s best views” or something similar and the Pittock Mansion came up. Getting there is easy from downtown Portland, but I’m guessing you can only see Mt. Hood from here this clearly a small percentage of the time. Apparently the Pittock Mansion was the ending point for one of the Amazing Race seasons, but I don’t think I watched that season as it didn’t look familiar. Unfortunately, a private party was happening inside so we could only see the outside of the mansion.

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