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Rainbow Bridge

lantern boats in tokyo bay

The last time I took a picture like this, it was a cold weekday. Today’s photo was on a warm weekend so there were loads of lantern-adorned boats (yakatabune or 屋形船) filling the Odaiba Harbor in Tokyo Bay. The Tokyo Tower changed its lighting scheme a little later in the evening. None of those pics came out very good though as the Rainbow Bridge we were walking over was shaking too much for decent night photography.

This picture was taken with my TZ10. It came out better than anything my TZ7 could produce at night but falls a bit short of my LX3 for night photography.

Tokyo skyline from Odaiba by day

odaiba rainbow bridge tokyo tower dark clouds

We walked from Shinagawa Station to Odaiba and back last week. The clouds threatened rain the entire time, but we only had a few drops fall on us on the way back.

The top picture is similar to one I took at night back in January.

Tokyo Skyline from Odaiba

I took today’s photo from the outside perch of the restaurant on the top floor of Joypolis. This is the Tokyo Bay with the Rainbow Bridge connecting my location at the time (Odaiba お台場) with the main part of Tokyo. Tokyo Tower is to the right.

This is one of those scenes that my LX3 does a much better job with than my TZ7. I tried this shot with both cameras and varying exposure lengths. The TZ7 couldn’t capture it as well with an exposure of 1 second or less. I needed that LX3’s 5-second exposure and better sensor.

This picture would probably look a whole lot better if my blog had a black background. Click on the image for a bigger and better view.

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