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Two parties

Yesterday we attended two parties on two different ends of the Rogue Valley in Oregon. The views from both were spectacular and very different from each other.

rogue river

The first party we went to was on the Rogue River in, or near, Shady Cove. Our friends were being unlawfully wedded on the banks of the river. It wasn’t really a wedding as they aren’t legally husband and wife, but they wanted to throw a party so that was the excuse. Between the two of them they had been married 6 times before they exchanged their “illegal” vows that won’t be recognized by the government.

rogue river food

The unwedding was nicely catered. The temperature was perfect, and by the time things started the previously overcast skies gave way to some really pretty cloud formations amidst the blue skies.

rogue river clouds

The property this took place on had some large trees on a football field sized grassy area between the house and the river. Whichever way you looked was beautiful.

rogue river

After watching the wedding that wasn’t a wedding and eating our fair share, we headed back to Ashland for my end-of-the-school-year party. Graduation isn’t until the 14th, and finals are this coming week, but we, the faculty, tend to have this party the weekend before.

sikiyou mountains ashland oregon

Just about every home in Ashland has a view of some sort. They are all different. This one is from the lower edges of the Cascade Mountain Range looking back towards the Siskiyou Mountains.

pilot rock

We hung out on the deck you can see in the bottom of this picture. The fields below the property had horses, goats, and llamas grazing earlier in the evening.

The rock sticking up about 15% of the way from the left side of the picture is called Pilot Rock and is located on the California and Oregon border. Last summer we climbed to the top of it. I’ll have to share the views from there on another day.

Softball in Medford, Oregon

Thursday night I played softball at U.S. Cellular.

U.S. Cellular Field Chicago Illinois

No, not that U.S. Cellular. (The above photo is one that I took when I was in Chicago last summer.)

Just up the road from where I live, U.S. Cellular sponsored the building of what may be the finest public sports facility in the country. It just opened a couple weeks ago, and last night was my team’s first game on the new field.

U.S. Cellular Medford Oregon

We played under the lights on the championship field which has fences 315 feet from home plate. Lucky for us we weren’t on one of the other fields, all of which have the fences 300 feet away as the other team hit about four balls that would have been over those fences. We hit only one that went more than 300 feet.

It was the closest game I’ve ever been in. We went 10 innings and finally won 7-6. That was the first time we led all night. We battled back from 2-0, 4-2, and 6-4 deficits to come out victorious and improve our record to 3-0. The game was far more exciting than what can be said in writing so I will just leave it at that.

U.S. Cellular softball and baseball park medford oregon

The above picture isn’t from our actual game (nor did I take it), but it does show the surface of the field. The views around the place are actually much better than what you see in this photo. Maybe I’ll take some better ones when we play our next game.

The sports complex is easy to spot from I-5 between Medford and Phoenix, but not so easy to find if you want to drive there since it isn’t on any maps (yet), nor are there any signs pointing the way. To get there you need to be on Highway 99. Between Lowry and Stage is an unnamed road heading off to the east. That is the road you take to get to the new softball fields.

Lithia Park (Ashland, Oregon)

I just got back from a glorious bike ride around Lithia Park. I didn’t have my camera with me, and it wouldn’t have done much good if I had since the weather is overcast. The weather made for great riding (not too hot), but wouldn’t have made for great picture taking. I do have an old picture or two of the park that I will insert below however.

Upper Duck Pond Lithia Park Ashland Oregon

The above (and you’ll need to click on it for a better view) is from last autumn. My kids are sitting at the upper duck pond which was green at the time. I noticed today that the pond has since been drained, and a new filtration system has been put in. The water is now too clear, as you can see the filtration pipes on the bottom of the pond. Oh well, at least it doesn’t smell anymore.

Japanese Gardens Lithia Park Ashland Oregon

Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon has a nice Japanese gardens section that is especially impressive in the fall.

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