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New Russian Circles album in 2019

mike sullivan russian circles

Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles (September 2018)

@sargenthouse @CrystalPortland @RussianCircles #RussianCircles

If all goes well, the new album will drop in the next couple months, and then they will hit the European festival circuit this summer where I can see them again (at least once).

Metal Monday

Russian Circles' Mike Sullivan

@sargenthouse @CrystalPortland @RussianCircles

I was fortunate last week to cross, not one but, two names off my bucket list of bands-I’ve-never-seen live. Ironically, two nights later I was talking with a guy who has a similar list. He listed Rammstein and Russian Circles as his numbers one and two. When I told him that Rammstein was also my number one and that I just saw Russian Circles for the first time, he was more than a little bit surprised. Anyway, Russian Circles were amazing; I had goosebumps galore through much of their set.

I guess my top five list will need to be updated. Maybe something like this:
This Will Destroy You

One month to go…

Chelsea Wolfe & Russian Circles in Portland, Oregon

@sargenthouse @CCHELSEAWWOLFE @CrystalPortland @RussianCircles

I’m seriously looking forward to this.

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