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Tokyo artist

artist in Shakujii Park (石神井公園)

artist in Shakujii Park (石神井公園)

More than four years have passed since I happened upon this scene in Tokyo’s Nerima Ku. I think I’m ready for another year-long sabbatical in Japan. If only everyone else felt that way…

Scene from Sanpoji (三宝寺)

Sanpoji 三宝寺 shakujii tokyo japan temple lantern

Today’s photo was taken just over three years ago, in early May, at temple grounds I explored just outside Shakujii Park in the suburbs of Tokyo. Next month I’ll be back in Japan for the first time in three years. I won’t be in Tokyo in June, but I will be for a few days in August.

Jizo at Sanpoji

little buddhist statues tokyo japan jizo

Another photo from Sanpoji in Shakujii in Western Tokyo today.

Sanpoji (三宝寺)

shrines in tokyo buddhist temple iris

One day in Tokyo I headed west on my bike on Waseda Dori (from my apartment near Waseda University) and just kept going. After several miles I got on Old Waseda Dori (Kyu Waseda Dori or 旧早稲田通り) and ended up at Shakujii, a wonderful area of parks, shrines, Buddhist temples, and ponds. Today’s photo comes from one of those temples. It must have been spring time as the irises were in bloom in this pic.

Tokyo Metropolitan Shakujii Park

A bicycle sits alone in Tokyo's Shakujii Park

If you like to people watch, head to one of Tokyo’s many parks on a weekend or holiday. For something more solitary, check ’em out on a weekday. Chances are pretty good that you won’t see anyone other than a few retired folk and/or some pre-schoolers. It may end up just being you, a parked bike, and a sign at Shakujii Park (石神井公園).

Benten Shrine at Shakujii Park 石神井公園

shakujii park sanpoji ike pond benten sampoji

The weather on the day I took this picture was most fabulous. Spring finally felt like spring. The shrine across the pond (三宝寺池) in Shakujii Koen is to Benten, the water god. I was doing Walk #2 in Water Walks in the Suburbs of Tokyo, a wonderful book that you should not be without if you are going to be in Tokyo for more than a couple of weeks.