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Rice paddy field

Shirakawago rice paddy

Hisamatsu Minshuku

minshuku shirakawago hisamatsu


When you walk up to your lodgings for the evening, and you see that they look like this, a smile comes across your face.

Minka (民家)

shirakawago gasshozukuri

Shirakawago Gassho Zukuri

The gassho-zukuri (合掌造) style minka houses have vast roofs. The name gassho zukuri comes from the similarity of the roof shape to two hands in prayer.

Shirakawago rice field

shirakawago rice-field


Gassho Zukuri storage shed


Shirakawago, Japan

Not all of Shirakawago’s thatch-roof buildings are for the locals to live in (and rent out to tourists). This one, much smaller than the rest, appeared to be a storage shed and/or workshop.

Shirakawa Village


Shirakawago on a foggy morning