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Gifu (岐阜)

Shirakawa-gō (白川郷)

Shirakawa-go (白川郷)

Rain drops

shirakawago gasshozukuri rain drops

Ogimachi (荻町)


Shirakawa Village (白川村)

My random, desktop image of the day. Someday I will get back to this place. Someday…

Moss on the roof

shirakawago gasshozukuri thatched roof moss

Mossy thatched roof in Shirakawa-Go

We got a little moss on our roof in Oregon, and I was reminded of the beauty of Shirakawago. The insurance company disagreed and decided to cancel our policy.

Dewy rice paddies in Shirakawago

shirakawago dewy rice paddies

Fog lifting over Shirakawago on a dewy, summer morning

Dinner @ Hisamatsu Minshuku (a Shirakawago Gasshozukuri)

Shirakawago Gasshozukuri dinner Hisamatsu Minshuku

Shirakawago Gasshozukuri dinner @ Hisamatsu Minshuku

I’m not normally a big fan of seafood, but this dinner on the evening we spent the night in Shirakawago in a tradional, thatched-roof home was fantastic. I think the local rice was the best I have ever had.

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