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Temple palm trees

shofukuji palm trees

Shofukuji palm trees
Fukuoka, Japan

Japanese maples and pines are common at Buddhist temples in Japan, but this may have been the first palm trees I encountered. Rain began falling, and this was my place of refuge for a few minutes.

Temple kittens

 shofukuji kittens cats japan

Shofukuji kittens

Two nights ago I watched Tampopo (タンポポ) for the first time. If you haven’t seen this flick, you should. Although mostly about ramen, it also is about eating in all forms. So when today’s photo showed up as my desktop image of the day it felt appropriate to link the two. Although you can only see parts of two of them, there were actually about five kittens enjoying breakfast via mama cat on this morning.

Shofukuji (聖福寺)

tochoji fukuoka japan

Shofukuji (Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan)

Big or small, famous or not, I love visiting temples in Japan with no crowds. (Crowds can be fun too when there is a matsuri, bon odori, or something going on.) There were no other people at Shofukuji (聖福寺) on this weekday in June with rain threatening. However, I was not alone. The Japanese black crows made their presence very known to me. They made a few dives in my neighborhood as I was taking this photo and were squawking so loudly you would have thought I was standing on their nest. (I assure you I was not.)

In any event, I had to take this quick picture before splitting as I didn’t want another bloody gash in my head (which is what happened the last time a Japanese black crow didn’t like me).

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