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Eat nutritious food and you will be a carp

Hiroshima Carp menu

Nutritious = fried food? Eat to be a carp? Only in Japan…

The Hiroshima Carp won the Central League for the second year in a row. This weekend the Climax Series begins.

Papa Ramen

papa ramen copenhagen sign SKYDEBANEGADE 16

Papa Ramen @ Skydebanegade 16, 1709 København V

I had ramen in Copenhagen a couple times last summer but neither bowl was great. I tried to eat at Papa Ramen last year too, but they were closed. This year I got there before they shut down for the summer and it was great! I think the noodles were homemade, the seasoning and toppings perfect, and I really loved the three paper-thin slices of chashu. They have a second branch on Studiestræde, with lower prices, that will not be closing down for the summer. I plan to visit there (and Slurp Ramen Joint which has been on summer break but will be reopening next week) soon.

sumo wrestlers papa ramen copenhagen window decor

Papa Ramen window decor

papa ramen copenhagen SKYDEBANEGADE 16

Tonkotsu bowl at Papa Ramen

Kidz Zone, NO Adults

kids zone christiania denmark

Kidz Zone No Adults Dream World (Christiania, Denmark)

After seeing the above, I went in for a closer look. Creepy. Seemed more like a nightmare than a dream world.

doll heads christiania kidz zone

Slade UK in Praha

slade uk prague

Slade UK poster on the streets of Prague

Today’s photo is my random, desktop image. I took this on the way back to my Airbnb one night last summer. Slade UK isn’t the real Slade. They are a cover band. I saw the real Slade back in early 1984. They opened for Ozzy at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The crowd did not like them. They got booed off the stage, and the band took a lot of abuse from the audience. I remember a roll of toilet paper hitting one of the members in the head.

That was the very last time Slade played with all of the original members. Wikipedia describes it as a “warm-up gig”, and says Jim Lea “collapsed in the dressing room” and was “diagnosed with Hepatitis C”.

7 years ago…

no dog poop japanese signs japan

no dog poop

…I learned that if you have good manners in Japan, you put tape over your dog’s anus.

In just one week…

trump treasure island must see vegas

Las Vegas Strip

…fantasy and science fiction will collide in a made-for-reality-TV special guaranteed to last for four years. I believe Roger Waters made an album back in the early 90s about this scenario called “Amused to Death” but no one was paying attention it seems.

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