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Dusk on the Vltava


Ocean sunsets on a beach in Hawaii are nice, but my favorite sunsets happen in Prague.

What’s the largest castle in the world?

Prague Castle

#VisitCZ @VisitCZ

According to Guinness the largest is Prague Castle, pictured above. Malbork Castle is actually larger, but Guinness has some reason, I suppose, for not counting it.



#VisitCZ @VisitCZ

Sadly, I won’t be going to Prague this summer. I’m a free weekend short of such an adventure. However, I will be going to Budapest, Milan, the Italian Alps, and the Swiss Alps–all for the first time. Any suggestions for things not to miss in those places?

St. Vitus Cathedral Tower view

View from top of St. Vitus Cathedral

Tranquil Tuesday

Prague just before a lightning storm at sunset

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Today’s photo may look tranquil, but in reality the moment wasn’t. Thunder was cracking and lightning was soon about to begin. A downpour ensued on one of the most interesting evenings I’ve ever encountered.

Morning on the Charles Bridge

charles bridge chinese bride prague

Chinese bride on Prague’s Charles Bridge in the morning

As I mentioned a while ago, I had a new plan for avoiding crowds in Prague on my second trip there. The plan was to get up early and visit the crowded areas before the crowds. So on my first morning in Prague I woke up before 6 and headed to Old Town Square and then the Charles Bridge.

Apparently there are very different crowds at this time of the morning. Basically, you will now find Chinese brides and Chinese couples in wedding attire getting their photos taken. I counted at least 10 such groups (maybe even 15) on this morning. They were only mildly annoying compared to the hundreds of selfie sticks you will find in the afternoons.