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390 years ago today…


…the Vasa headed out of Stockholm harbor on its maiden voyage. Less than a mile later it sunk. 330 years passed before it was brought to the surface again. The Vasa Museum is the current resting place where I took these (five) photos (and stitched them into one) last summer.

Högalid Church (Högalidskyrkan)

Högalid Church

When I was in the airport on my way to Scandinavia last summer I noticed that someone had left The Girl in the Spider’s Web at the gate. I picked it up and started reading. A few weeks later I found myself in several of the exact locations mentioned in the book when I visited Stockholm.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the fourth book in the Millennium series so I went back and read book one (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) when I got back to the USA in August. Currently I’m reading book two (The Girl Who Played with Fire).

During my reading a couple nights ago, a scene is described in which Lisbeth Salander is chased up a hill in a park-like setting to get to a church. I thought, “hmmmm…, that sounds like the church I climbed a hill to get to when I was killing time before my bike tour of Stockholm a few months ago”. Sure enough, they are one in the same place. With a little more research I found out that the place I ate my lunch next to (across the street from this church) is where Lisbeth’s first apartment was and the author, Stieg Larsson, is buried at Högalidskyrkan. Small world or something…

One month ago today…

Stampen - since 1968

Stockholm’s Old Town

Stockholm's Old Town

Stockholm, Sweden’s Old Town (Gamla stan) was too crowded this past Sunday afternoon. Once the rain began, the tourists cleared out, and it became a very lovely place.

Sweden’s Changing of the Guard

Royal Palace Kungliga Slottet Daily Parade changing of the guard stockholm sweden

Changing of the Guard in Stockholm, Sweden @ Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)

With all of the recent unrest in Sweden, the daily changing of the guard may unfortunately need to turn into something a little different than a parade for tourists.

St. George and the Dragon – Storkyrkan, Stockholm, Sweden

saint george and the dragon Sankt Nikolai kyrka Church of St. Nicholas Storkyrkan The Great Church and Stockholms domkyrka Stockholm Cathedral

I thought this sculpture by Berndt Notke was pretty cool from the above angle as it looks like Saint George is actually riding a dragon, Harry Potter style. Actually he is on a horse slaying the dragon as you can see from a different angle below.

Berndt Notke slay the danes denmark sweden stockholm sculpture

The church in Stockholm, Sweden in which you can find this work of art and the description photographed above goes by many names including Sankt Nikolai Kyrka (Church of St. Nicholas), Storkyrkan (The Great Church), and Stockholms Domkyrka (Stockholm Cathedral). Not many actually go to church in Sweden anymore for their original purposes as less than 20% of the population believes in god and far fewer attend a church. Most churches are mere museums and historical curiosities at this point. I wonder how long it will take for that to be true in the USA?

saint george and the dragon stockholm sweden church

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