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Trinity United Methodist Church sunrise

 denver church sunrise comfort inn downtown

Trinity United Methodist Church (Denver, Colorado)

Today was our first day in Mexico (and my kids’ first day ever in Mexico). But I’m too tired to process any photos from today. Instead, here is a photo I processed in LAX today. This was just before the last time I left for Mexico from Colorado. I was waiting for the airport shuttle outside my hotel when I took this, and the sunrise looked pretty good behind this church.

AC/DC road trip

mt shasta i-5 sunrise

Sunrise from I-5 north of Mt. Shasta

This past Thursday I headed down I-5 with a friend with the destination being the San Francisco Bay Area to see AC/DC at AT&T Park. Things began with the sunrise in today’s photo.

More Mt. Shasta photos here.

Levi’s Stadium sunrise

Levi's Stadium - Inaugural Season (Santa Clara, California)

Levi’s Stadium – Inaugural Season (Santa Clara, California)


I’ve spent the last couple days watching volleyball at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Across the street is Levi’s Stadium. I wandered over this morning to watch the sunrise from behind the stadium.

Daytona Beach sunrise

SOU football florida sunrise

Sunrise from the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront

Copenhagen sunrise

copenhagen sunrise denmark

Three years ago, I took today’s photo. I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of DSLR settings (f/2.8, 1/2000, ISO6400), but even though this could have looked far better at f/8 and ISO100, at least I know I’ve learned something in the past three years.

View from Nob Hill in San Francisco

san francisco california aerial picturesque

Lots of images of San Francisco on the TV the past couple nights thanks to the Giants making it into the 2012 World Series. Today’s photo is from my trip to the “City by the Bay” back in April. Even though I love San Francisco, I have never been able to like the Giants. Even when I was a kid, going to games at Candlestick Park, I found myself cheering for the Cardinals, Expos, Phillies, Mets, or whoever it was the Giants were playing. Go Tigers!

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