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First (and maybe last?) sunset of current Hawaii trip

Honolulu sunset

We’ve been in Hawaii for a few days now. We are staying on the east side of Oahu so we don’t normally see sunsets like these (although we do get to see the sun rise). A couple nights ago we happened to be in Honolulu just as the sun was setting when I captured this image.




Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Sunset from the Reichstag building roof

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Newport sunset

Manzanita Lake @ Lassen Volcanic National Park

manzanita lake Lassen Volcanic National Park

Manzanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park just after a thunder storm and just before sunset

@LassenNPS @Manzanita_Lake

For some, unknown reason I have spent more than 40 years of my life within 5 hours of Lassen Volcanic National Park (most of the last 17 years less than 3 hours away) and yet I had never been there (before last week). What was I thinking?

I’ve been to Yosemite many times, but in some ways Lassen is better. For starters, the crowds are far smaller.

Manzanita Lake blew me away. I couldn’t get enough of it. The views from the lake change drastically as you walk around it, and they also are quite different as the day progresses. It didn’t hurt that we had thunderstorms for brief moments each day. Pre- and post-storm clouds over the lake were awesome.

More photos of Lassen and Manzanita Lake coming soon…

Three years ago…

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