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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Flying to the land of the midnight sun

Flying to the land of the midnight sun

Shaw’s Cove

Laguna Beach Sunset

Sunset from Lake Como

Sunset behind Menaggio

Joshua Tree tips

Joshua Tree sunset

A friend of mine is going to Joshua Tree soon and asked me for some hiking tips. So here is a list of our favorite hikes (in order):
1. Split Rock Loop (2.5 miles)
2. Ryan Mountain (3 miles, lots of elevation change)
3. Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail (3 miles, lots of elevation change but not as much as Ryan Mountain)
4. Barker Dam Loop (1.5 miles)
5. Hidden Valley Loop (1 mile)

The two without loop in the name are out and backs.

Arch Rock and Cholla Cactus Garden are must sees but not really hikes.

Some longer ones we didn’t go on:
Lost Horse Mine (6.2 miles)
Willow Hole (7.2 miles)
Panorama Loop (6.6 miles)
Lost Palms Oasis (7.5 miles)
Stubbe (Stubby) Springs Loop (12.8 miles)

Best food was at Joshua Tree Saloon and 29 Palms Inn. Pie for the People was also good (but no beer).

The decade is almost over

Post-sunset glow

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