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Cape Perpetua

spouting horn cape perpetua bridge sunstar

Bridge near Spouting Horn on the Oregon Coast

Today’s photo comes from Thanksgiving Day in 2015 when we spent the night at a friend’s cottage in Yachats.

One month ago…


Lake Street Dive opening for Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge (Washington)

@lakestreetdive #dmb #GorgeAmphitheatre @GorgeAmphitheat @davematthewsbnd #DMB25

…this happened.

Dragør, Denmark


I visited Dragør in 2016 for the second time. The weather was fantastic, and my love for this little town grew. More photos to come.

Oregon Coast Highway

haceta head yachats cape cove Cape Creek Bridge 101

Cape Creek Bridge (Highway 101) and the Devil’s Elbow

We’ve driven the Oregon Coast Highway many times, but we’ve never stopped at Haceta Head Lighthouse before. Beautiful place.

BTW, that’s the sun, not the lighthouse, in today’s photo. The lighthouse was behind me when I took this. Photos coming…

Jack London Square sunset

jack london square oakland sunset

(Oakland, California)

After a fabulous dinner of BBQ at Everett & Jones Barbeque, we headed over to the waterfront at Jack London Square to enjoy the sunset. I’m not sure if this is the Lady Washington (or maybe the Hawaiian Chieftain?), but some tall ship was forming the perfect foreground for the night’s sunset last Thursday.

Daytona International Speedway

SOU football daytona speedway victory lane reflection sunstar

Victory Lane

@SOURaiders @SOU_Football @racetodaytona @JP_Daytona #NAIAfootball

Yesterday’s press conference for the NAIA Championship Football Game took place here. It was a beautiful day. A $400 million renovation is currently underway at the speedway, but the construction is barely noticeable from the interior.

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