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After midnight in the summer in Northern Sweden

gavle sweden night-DeNoiseAI-clear

Gävle, Sweden (July 2017)

I’ve experienced about 10 summer nights in Northern Sweden, when the night never gets fully dark. I was probably on a bike, on my way back to my Airbnb, when I saw this scene and thought, “If I don’t take a photo of this, I’ll never remember it.” And, sure enough, I don’t really remember taking this photo, but it showed up as my random, desktop image today.

As we are currently near the winter solstice, I looked up the number of hours of daylight in Gävle right now. The answer? Less than six and I bet the sun won’t be getting very high in the sky during those six.

Uppsala Old Cemetery

uppsalla sweden cemetery professor torsten tuvemo zen grave-DeNoiseAI-clear

Uppsala Gamla Kyrkogård (Sweden – July 2019)

The professor (also a children’s doctor) has had a fairly recent burial for such an old cemetery. Also, it’s always interesting to see the uniqueness of a different country’s cemetery. This one had a zen vibe to it.

Uppsala Castle

uppsala castle-clear

Uppsala Castle, Sweden (July 2019)

Happy birthday, Mikael Åkerfeldt!

opeth Mikael Åkerfeldt gefle metal festival topaz denoise ai-low-light

Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt @ 2017 Gefle Metal Festival




Lillgrund Wind Farm

Flying into CPH

Approaching Denmark from Germany, we actually flew over a bit of Sweden earlier today. This wind farm in the Øresund strait generates enough energy to power over 60,000 homes in Sweden.