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Denmark and Sweden

denmark sweden

July 2016 from Christiansborg Palace

Maybe it’s not too rare to see two countries in one photo, but these two don’t even share a border.

Denmark is in the foreground, the island Saltholm is in the middle of the Øresund, and Sweden (with Malmö’s distinctive Turning Torso) is in the distance.

Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden

Home of Watain

Boat hotel in Stockholm

Boat hotel in Stockholm

After midnight in the summer in Northern Sweden

gavle sweden night-DeNoiseAI-clear

Gävle, Sweden (July 2017)

I’ve experienced about 10 summer nights in Northern Sweden, when the night never gets fully dark. I was probably on a bike, on my way back to my Airbnb, when I saw this scene and thought, “If I don’t take a photo of this, I’ll never remember it.” And, sure enough, I don’t really remember taking this photo, but it showed up as my random, desktop image today.

As we are currently near the winter solstice, I looked up the number of hours of daylight in Gävle right now. The answer? Less than six and I bet the sun won’t be getting very high in the sky during those six.

Uppsala Old Cemetery

uppsalla sweden cemetery professor torsten tuvemo zen grave-DeNoiseAI-clear

Uppsala Gamla Kyrkogård (Sweden – July 2019)

The professor (also a children’s doctor) has had a fairly recent burial for such an old cemetery. Also, it’s always interesting to see the uniqueness of a different country’s cemetery. This one had a zen vibe to it.

Uppsala Castle

uppsala castle-clear

Uppsala Castle, Sweden (July 2019)