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Ojii @ Obon

old man ojii bon odori

7 years ago today…


The Imperial Family (皇室) on January 2, 2010

Prince Naruhito, the Crown Prince of Japan (皇太子徳仁親王), is on the far left. Emperor Akihito is next to him, and Empress Michiko is on the emperor’s left. Prince Akishino (秋篠宮文仁親王) is on the right.



Odaiba (Tokyo, Japan)

Old trees, old graves


Yanaka cemetery (谷中霊園)

Different season, same place as this prior entry.

Japanese cemetery in spring

yanaka-sakura-cemetery tokyo spring

Yanaka cemetery (谷中霊園)

Gate City Ohsaki


Gate City Ohsaki sunset

Gate City Osaki (ゲートシティ大崎) is an artificial (urban renewal) city constructed on the Yamanote Line about 10 years before I took today’s photo in 2010. I’m not a big fan of such places, not being a shopper and all. However, the sunset on this day was lovely.

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