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Train Connections

shinkansen train aerial view

From the 17th floor of the Kitatopia building in Oji I noticed this rather strange sight. If you look closely you’ll see that there are two, totally different trains connected. I think the one in the rear is a shinkansen. They weren’t parked either. They were moving right on through. I don’t think I ever saw this in Japan before.

The park in the upper right portion of this photo is called Asukayama Park, a great place to visit if you are in Tokyo with kids.

Guess the Japanese train station

japan rail company train station

The first person to guess which train station in Japan I took today’s photo at wins a virtual pat on the back.

Breaking news! – new station on the Yamanote Line

According to the Yomiuri, a new train station is going to be created on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo for the first time in over 40 years! You can see the location of the new station (and neighborhood) in the lower right portion of this photo I took back in 2010. What once was JR’s rolling stock yard, located between Shinagawa and Tamachi stations, will soon be redeveloped with a train station at its center. I’m not sure where the stock yard of trains will be relocated.

new station on yamanote line

Enoden (江ノ島電鉄) View

Enoshima Electric Railway Line Enoden  江ノ島 電鉄

Scene out the train window on the Enoshima Electric Railway Line

Between Kamakura and Enoshima you can ride an old school train with views overlooking the ocean. Today’s photo is of the other view, out the back of the train.

The other side of the tracks


Skyscrapers across the tracks from the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (品川プリンスホテル) with a shinkansen pulling into Shinagawa Station

When Ryan came back from his school field trip to Cambodia, his bus from the airport dropped everyone off at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. I went a bit early to welcome him back, even though the skies weren’t very interesting, to see what the views would be like from the top of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel’s 39 floors.

A bullet train is about to enter the Shinagawa Station in today’s photo. You can also see the buildings for the headquarters of Canon MJ (customer service I think) and Mitsubishi Construction. Tokyo Bay is in the distance (although easily reachable on foot from here).

Another scene from the Bergen Railway Line


Most scenic train line in the world?

Today we have another peek out the moving-train window while I was doing “Norway in a Nutshell” last month.

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