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Come back Ufomammut

ufomammut wow hall poia


@ufomammutmafia @WOWHall

ufomammut wow hall urlo vita

Ufomammut @ WOW Hall (6/5/15)

Ufomammut just finished their first significant tour of the USA. They are probably just arriving back in Italy as I type this after 27 shows in 31 days across much of the country. I miss them already. Hopefully it won’t be too long before they return, and on their next trip maybe they can play in Southern Oregon.

ufomammut setlist

Ufomammut setlist (June 5, 2015 – WOW Hall – Eugene, Oregon)

ufomammut wow hall vita


ufomammut wow hall urlo


Ufomammut @ WOW Hall

ufomammut wow hall urlo

Ufomammut’s Urlo (Eugene, Oregon 6/5/15)

@ufomammutmafia @WOWHall

I woke up sad this morning. I was sad because last night was in the past instead of in the future. If you are in Portland, get over to Rotture to see these Italian lads. They are amazing.

More photos coming soon.

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