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UNMCK Wall of Remembrance and reflecting pool

photomerge panorama UNMCK Wall of Remembrance reflecting pool

United Nations National Cemetery (Busan, South Korea)

On July 27, 1953 the Korean War came to an end. The Wall of Remembrance (around a reflecting pool) was constructed in 2006 of black granite and contains the names of the 40,895 fallen soldiers who fought and died for the South.

Memorial Day

grave busan lyman tomlinson UN Memorial Cemetery

Lyman Tomlinson grave in the UN Memorial Cemetery (Busan, South Korea)

I went to the UN Memorial Cemetery for the Korean War in Busan last July. It’s a cemetery in Korea for Korean War participants from a dozen countries or so. Very few of the graves are for Americans as most of those were moved to the USA long ago.

The experience was very moving. Several Korean people there asked me where I was from and when I told them the US, they were very thankful. When I told them my dad was in the Korean War they were even more appreciative. I explained that my father’s job during the war was more or less a desk job in Japan, but they said they didn’t care. The fact that he was involved in any way was all that mattered. One guy got down on the ground and started bowing and crying. He made me cry too.

No Swimming (Korea Tuesday)

no swimming in Korean ditch UN cemetery

No Swimming sign in UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea (재한유엔기념공원)

There were two things that I packed for Korea that I never used. One was a long-sleeved shirt. I’m not sure if I ever encountered temperatures in the 70s during my two-month, summer stay in Korea, let alone the 60s (even after midnight). The other was a swimming suit. I never saw a swimming pool. I did see a couple of beaches, but several people told me that Koreans can’t swim, at all. In fact, while I was there a group of Korean kids died after their boat capsized just off the coast of the Boryeong Mud Festival (보령머드축제). Sad, but with no swimming pools it isn’t too surprising that the chance to swim or that the swimming skills of the natives are slim to none.

I found this sign to be a bit humorous. Is it really necessary to have a sign saying “no swimming” in a dry ditch that is less than one foot in depth? Maybe it is not always dry, but still…

BTW, this was in the UN Memorial Cemetery in Busan. I will have more pictures and stories from there later. It was an emotional experience for me despite the weirdness of this sign.

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