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Whitman College

Whitman College


Ellie is still figuring out where she will be in the fall. Today she is checking out Whitman. Ryan is already a Duck. Maybe today’s photo represents my kids’ future?

Spokane’s Ruby2

ruby 2 spokane washington

Steam Plant from the Ruby2 Hotel (Spokane, Washington)

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A hundred years ago Spokane’s iconic smoke stacks provided power to hundreds of buildings downtown. Now they are home to the Steam Plant Brewing Co. From our hotel room the colorfully lit symbols of days gone by were lovely.

Expo ’74 began 41 years ago today

@SpokaneCity @VisitSpokane @ActivelyNW

This neck of the woods, from May 4, 1974 to November 3, 1974, was a bustling center of activity for the world’s fair. We visited Spokane, for the first time, this past March when I took today’s photo. Spokane was between storms on this day so the sky was fantastic.

Walla Walla

walla walla washington field clouds

Walla Walla, Washington from Highway 12 @ 60 MPH

I always wondered what a place called Walla Walla would look like.

Heading out of Walla Walla last week, on our way to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho via Spokane, the lighting (followed by the sunset) was really fantastic. Unfortunately, we were going about 60 MPH. Fortunately, I wasn’t the driver. I took today’s photo out my window as we sped down the highway to our final destination.

Whitman College – Memorial Building

whitman college memorial building

Memorial Hall on Whitman College campus (Walla Walla, Washington)

@whitmancollege @VisitWallaWalla

We have spent much of our spring break in Washington and Idaho. On our way to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho we stopped at Whitman College in Walla Walla (for the first time) to check out the campus and city. Being spring break, there wasn’t much activity on campus so we did a quick tour on our own.

Over 100 years ago, President Teddy Roosevelt spoke from this location.

Dusk on the Sound

puget sound tacoma washington boat dusk

Commencement Bay – Tacoma, Washington

While visiting the University of Puget Sound in fall of last year we strolled along the water and watched this fisherman enjoying the calm water and warm temperature at dusk.

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