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Hedge Creek Falls

Hedge Creek Falls

Today is the first day of the last five days that I’m not traveling to or from the San Francisco Bay Area. Today’s photo comes from Dunsmuir, California on day three. The short walk to this waterfall, just off of I-5, is a nice place for a break from driving.

Different angle on Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

For the more commonly photographed view of Rainbow Falls, click here.


shosenkyo sengataki kofu waterfall

Sengataki in Shosenkyo (near Kofu, Japan)

Vernal Fall

yosemite vernal falls

Yosemite National Park

A little over three years ago this happened.

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

We spent Saturday night, on our way from Walla Walla back to Ashland, in The Dalles. We woke up to a glorious view of the Columbia River. The mountains on either side of the gorge were dusted in snow and cool-looking clouds were flying by in between mostly blue skies. As we drove west on Highway 84 rainbows kept appearing ahead of us in the water of the already spectacular scene. We didn’t stop to get photos as there wasn’t any place safe to stop until we got to Multnomah Falls where today’s photo comes from.

Umauma Falls

umalae falls hilo hawaii

Umauma Falls (Hilo, Hawaii)

The only way to see these water falls is to go zip lining with the “Umauma Falls and Zipline Experience”. We had a great time and the cost was well worth it.

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