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The worst part of my recent trip to Iceland was that my phone decided to stop functioning just before my flight from Prague. This meant no music on the plane, no GPS in Iceland, and–worst of all–driving for three days straight with nothing to listen to. Have you ever driven, by yourself, for an extended period of time with no radio, music, or podcasts to listen to? Try it. You will begin to go a bit crazy after a while.

What I really wanted to listen to was Sólstafir. The music would have fit in so well with the setting. One of their videos features about four of the places I visited, including today’s photo of the Skogafoss waterfall. This place looked like the ultimate camping experience. The sound of the waterfall and the lush green grass would make for a wonderful night of sleep.



Hedge Creek Falls

Hedge Creek Falls

Today is the first day of the last five days that I’m not traveling to or from the San Francisco Bay Area. Today’s photo comes from Dunsmuir, California on day three. The short walk to this waterfall, just off of I-5, is a nice place for a break from driving.

Different angle on Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

For the more commonly photographed view of Rainbow Falls, click here.


shosenkyo sengataki kofu waterfall

Sengataki in Shosenkyo (near Kofu, Japan)

Vernal Fall

yosemite vernal falls

Yosemite National Park

A little over three years ago this happened.

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